Telvanni Bride for Zainab
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1. An easy way to Zainab Camp is to travel by boat from Sadrith Mora to Tel Mora, and then over to Vos. Once there, head due southwest until you reach the Zainab Camp. Speak to Ashkhan Kaushad, and get his disposition up to 70 in order to receive his first quest. You can either do this quickly by giving him a pair of exquisite outlander shoes (which you learn of by speaking to the wise woman), raising the disposition by 40 points, or you can raise it the normal way. Once he likes you, you can then ask to prove yourself, at which point he'll send you on a quest to kill a vampire.

2. The vampire is at the Nerano Ancestral Tomb north-northwest from the Zainab camp, but following the directions of Kaushad is easiest. Head due northwest until you reach Nchuleft along the mountain range, then follow the range north until you reach a loop in the road. At the end of the loop closest the mountain range, you'll see the Nerano Ancestral Tomb in between a couple of trees.

3. Enter the small tomb and you won't have to go far before you open the trapped door to the room with Calvario, the vampire you're sent to kill. After he's dispatched, head back down to the camp and speak with Ashkhan Kaushad again. He'll believe your sincerity, but ask for one more errand before naming you Nerevarine.

4. Kaushad wants you to fetch him a highborn Telvanni bride. After finishing with Kaushad's spiel, go and talk to the wise woman, Sonummu Zabamat, to find out if she's got any advice. She'll say that a substitute must be found, as any highborn Telvanni girl wouldn't marry the Ashkhan. She'll refer you to Savile Imayn at the slave market in Tel Aruhn to pick up a dunmer slave and dress her up appropriately so that she looks highborn.

5. The easiest way to Tel Aruhn from Zainab Camp is to go back to Vos and take the boat. You'll find Savile Imayn and the slave cages outside and over the hill left of the first door you'll see after taking the boat. When you find her, she'll have the perfect slave, but require that you find some exquisite shoes, and an exquisite shirt and skirt. You can find these at the clothier in Tel Mora. Take the boat there, and while there, pick up one jar of Telvanni Bug Musk from the Apothecary. Take them all back to Savile and she'll talk price. If you have a high disposition with Savile, she'll cut 100 drakes off the price, but with a Mercantile skill of 40 or above, you can buy Falura Llervu in the first cage beyond Savile for 600 off.

6. After paying Savile and receiving the key, open Falura's cage, give her all of the necessary highborn equipment, and escort her back onto the boat, pay for a ride to Vos, and then southwest to Zainab camp and to Ashkhan Kaushad, where he will be pleased and name you Nerevarine of the Zainab camp, and give you something very special.