Main Quest: The Battle for Raven's Rill

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You plan to use the Causeways to infiltrate Raven's Rill and liberate the town. Your goal is to defeat Rajani, the mysterious woman who hired an army of Lescanzi mercenaries to hunt down the descendants of the Legion.


Open the Causeway

You'll find the Causeway on the upper level of the Legion Chapterhouse, near where Armand has his shop. To use it, you'll first need to interact with it, and then you'll need to walk into it.

Traverse the Causeway

In the Causeway world, you won't have too many options for where to go. You'll find the Causeway to Upper Raven's Rill on the southern side of the intersection. When you go through the Causeway, you'll end up in the Gunderic Mausoleum.

Enter the Upper Rill

Inside the Gunderic Mausoleum you'll find some sarcophagi (including at #1) to loot and some gargoyles to kill. Nothing bad will happen to you if you loot the sarcophagi. Gargoyles are easiest to kill if you have ranged attacks, so switch to that mode if you have it available.

Outside of the mausoleum, you'll find yourself in the Raven's Rill graveyard, where you'll be attacked by skeletons and witches, including the boss witch Zaria (#2). Zaria will start out behind a fence. You'll need to circle around to the north to reach her with melee attacks.

Inside Upper Raven's Rill, you'll get attacked by three boss mercenaries: Vogomil (#3), Ilias (#4) and Marek (#4). They're lesser bosses, so they shouldn't cause you too many problems. Once you've defeated all three, you'll be allowed to enter the town hall.

Assault the Town Hall

Inside the town hall, you'll meet Rajani (#5), the archon responsible for the attack on the Legion. You'll have to defeat Rajani twice, once for each of her forms. In her human form she'll fight a little like Anjali, with staff sweeps and fireballs, but in her fire form she'll teleport around the room and create columns of flame that will damage you if you enter them. As long as you're patient and careful where you walk, neither form should be too difficult, and after the battle you'll be allowed to explore the town hall and look for Lazar.

Note: It's possible your companion won't be able to find Rajani when she's teleporting around. So even if you're playing a ranged character, you might need to run up to her to guide your companion to the right place.

Rescue Lazar

To free Lazar, you'll just need to pull the lever next to his cell (#8).

Talk to Rajani

When you return to Rajani (#5) with Lazar, you'll find Marten there. Rajani will reveal that she's working for Jeyne Kassynder, and then you'll have to decide what to do with her:
  • If you let her go (Marten's choice), then you'll gain the deed Gracious in Victory (+2 will).

  • If you kill her (Lazar's choice), then you'll gain the deed Ironhand (+2 attack) and you'll find the spear Heaven's Judgment.
Your decision with Rajani will change some encounters later in the game, but not in any meaningful way (if Rajani isn't there, then some other archon will take her place). Regardless of what you choose, you'll also earn 1990 xp for completing the quest.

1 - Crumbling Wall

If you destroy the crumbling wall here (by damaging it with your weapon), then you'll reveal a secret room containing a pair of sarcophagi. One of the sarcophagi will be empty, but inside the other you'll find the Corset of the Royal Consort.

2 - Zaria

3 - Vogomil

4 - Ilias and Marek

5 - Rajani

6 - Table

On this table you'll find the lore entry for Arakun Spiders and Their Kin.

7 - Cell

Inside this cell you'll find the lore entry for Virsk Folklore: The Dakkenweyr.

8 - Lazar

X - Save Point

$ - Treasure Container

  1. Causeway.