Main Quest: Ebb and Flow

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Phineas and Devonsey have devised a plan to shut down the Stonestream, the magical system that controls the flow of air in the mines. This will cause explosive gas to collect at the bottom of the Deep Well... setting a deadly trap for Jeyne and her army.


You'll receive this quest from Queen Roslyn (#1) after completing the quests Enemy at the Gates and Uninvited Guests.

Find the Stonestream

You'll meet Phineas (#3) past a floating platform (#2) located to the west of the Tumbledown Court. Phineas will create a path to the Stonestream and begin working with it.

Defend Phineas

While Phineas is shutting down the Stonestream, you'll need to protect him from sentinels. These sentinels will keep on getting back up after you've defeated them (like the guardians from the Grand Chapterhouse), and more sentinels will join in as the battle progresses. Luckily, you'll only need to survive for a minute or two, so you'll just need to stay active and dodge around as necessary. Eventually, Phineas will finish the job and the sentinels will stay down.

Return to the Court

On your way back to the Tumbledown Court, you'll run into Roderick (#4), and he'll inform you that Jeyne's forces are storming into the Deep Well. This conversation will complete the quest and earn you 1124 xp.

1 - Queen Roslyn

2 - Floating Platform

3 - Phineas

4 - Roderick