Chapter Three (The Search for Merik)
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Book Return
Quest: Book Return

How to Acquire: Talk to Apprentice Ardun at Onoc's Magicatorium at Glacern near the resurrection shrine to obtain this quest. He requires from you to find the other two volumes of Fedwynn's Way trilogy because he can't leave the Magicatorium to get the books back. He will give Fedwynn's Way volume III in order to recognize the other books.

How to Complete: Firstly remember to take the third volume of the books from Ardun. The first volume is in the hands of the Legionnaire Archer at the south Guard Tower. The second volume is in possession Elio. His house is the one just north-east of the Magicatorium. Once you have all the three volumes of Fedwynn's Way trilogy (see screenshots below) return to Ardun to complete the quest and collect your reward (200gp!).

Quest for Merik
Quest: Quest for Merik

How to Acquire: After talking with the Overseer at Lucky Hurggis Inn at Glacern he will give a couple of new quests. One of them is the Search for Merik Quest. The Mage, Merik, of Glacern has been missing for some time now and you have to search and find him.

How to Complete: Deep into the Icy Caverns you will find Merik been stuck in an Ice column just near the exit of the Caverns. Break the ice to free him and watch the cut scene showing Merik explaining what is going on. You can also take Merik with you afterwards in your now new search for Merik's Staff.

Reinforce Fortress Kroth
Quest: Reinforce Fortress Kroth

How to Acquire: This is the second quest been given to you from the Overseer, Ibsen Yamas, of Glacern. He will ask you to travel to Fortress Kroth and help the Legionnaires there.

How to Complete: This quest will be updated as soon as you get out of the Goblin Lair and talk with the Legionnaire Guards that reside just near the exit. The quest will be transferred to Chapter 5. You now have to defeat an evil Necromancer called Gresh that is besieging Fortress Kroth. Once you get near to the Fortress you will have to face Gresh the Necromancer himself in a wondrous fight along with his skeleton minions. The quest will be complete as soon as you defeat Gresh.

Clear Glitterdelve Pass
Quest: Homeless Blacksmith

How to Acquire: Talk with Orlov at Molten Iron Smithery in Glacern. His house has been infested with some frost creatures and you have to clear it from the Frost Golems and Splitters that now occupy the house.

How to Complete: After a short walk north of Glacern, after the bridge, you will come to an abandon house. This is actually Orlov's House and the one need you need to clear to complete this quest. Enter the basement of the house through the trapdoor and defeat the Frost Golems and Frost splitters that now dwell there. You don't have to return to Orlov to complete the quest, all you have to do is defeat the creatures there.