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The Witcher 2 Glossary - The Lodge of Sorceresses
The Lodge of Sorceresses The actions of this secret organization, which united sorceresses from the Northern Kingdoms and Nilfgaard, were revealed relatively late. The ten-member Lodge had been envisioned as a successor to the Conclave and the Supreme Council of Sorcerers. It was supposed to focus on the interests of magic and protect the world from the cataclysm that would result from the disappearance of the Art. However, at the time this story was unfolding, not many knew the organization even existed. Apart from the sorceresses belonging to it, of course.

The members of the Lodge also interfered in politics, attempting to influence monarchs and the fates of entire countries. They even used murder as a means to their ends. The removal of Demavend was supposed to stabilize the situation of Aedirn, but it began a series of events that shook the Northern Kingdoms.