The Witcher Oils - Hanged Man's Venom
Hanged Man's Venom Effects: This blade coating poisons wounded opponents, yet it is ineffective against monsters whose physiology differs greatly from that of humans.

Preparation: Hanged Man's Venom is made from ingredients providing one measure each of vitriol, aether, rebis and hydragenum; top-quality grease must be used as a base.

Duration: Long

In preparation for an assignment, an assassin applies Hanged Man's Venom to his blade. He grinds the ingredients with a mortar and pestle until he gets a thick paste, and then lightly coats the tools of his trade while taking care to keep the substance from touching his skin. Then comes the hard part, but even a hastily aimed slash can be fatal if Hanged Man's Venom slips into the wound.