Swoop Racing
Swoop Racing
Swoop racing is becoming a popular form of entertainment on my Republic worlds. Fans are attracted to tournaments both by the flamboyant personalities of their favorite racers, and the potential for spectacular failures.

Swoop races are all about speed, and bikes are stripped of all nonessential parts, including brakes and other deadweight. Press the A button once to activate thrusters, and move side-to-side using the left thumbstick. Steer over the acceleration pads to receive speed boosts, and each time the speed indicator tops out, press the A button again to shift to more powerful thrusters. The time taken to complete the course is tallied at the top of the screen.

Tip: Activating initial thrusters too soon, failing to shift at the optimal times, or hitting obstacles on the course will all cause speed to drop.

For more tips and detailed strategies, please see our user-submitted Swoop Racing Strategies section.