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Humans are the most common player-race in the Forgotten Realms. They suffer no level racial limitations or ability modifiers. Humans do have the disability of shorter lifespans than the other races. This may be a problem, especially if human characters have come from Curse of the Azure Bonds or have been subjected to many Haste spells. Humans can be fighters, magic-users, clerics, thieves, rangers, paladins, and dual-class characters.

Ability Score Ranges:

Ability Score Minimum Maximum
Strength (M) 3 18(00)
Strength (F) 3 18(50)
Intelligence 3 18
Wisdom 3 18
Dexterity 3 18
Consitution 3 18
Charisma 3 18

Maximum Class Levels:

Class Ability
Maximum Level
Cleric - 18
Fighter - 18
Magic-User - 18
Paladin - 18
Ranger - 18
Thief - 18