Companion: Durance
Name: Durance

Race: Human (Meadow Folk)

Class: Priest (Magran)

Background: Clergyman (Lore +2)

Culture: The Dyrwood (Resolve +1)

Location: Magran's Fork (Act I)

Starting Attributes:
  • Might 14
  • Constitution 13
  • Dexterity 9
  • Perception 9
  • Intellect 15
  • Resolve 19
Starting Equipment:
  • Durance's Staff
  • Robe
  • Rod
  • Because Durance is a follower of Magran, he has access to the Inspired Flame talent, which gives him +10 Accuracy while using an Arquebus. Since he's a good character to keep ranged anyway, an Arquebus is a good weapon for him.