Racial Abilities
Armed to the Teeth (Aumaua, Island): All island aumaua gain an additional Weapon Set.

Effect: +1 Weapon Set

Battle-Forged (Godlike, Fire): When fire godlike are reduced to low Endurance, their bodies harden, granting additional Damage Reduction, and their souls lash out at attackers, causing Burn damage to anyone who hits them in melee.

Effect: +4 Damage Reduction, 2 Burn damage vs. Deflection to melee attackers

Death's Usher (Godlike, Death): Death godlike seem to have an innate sense for the vulnerability of their enemies as death approaches. Against all targets with low Endurance, death godlike gain a bonus to damage.

Effect: x1.2 Damage against enemies with low Endurance

Defiant Resolve (Orlan, Wild): After being subjected to a Will attack, wild orlans temporarily gain a bonus to all defenses.

Effect: +10 Deflection, +10 Fortitude, +10 Reflex, +10 Will for 10s when targeted by a Will attack

Distant Advantage (Elf, Wood): Against any enemy that is more than 4m away, wood elves gain a bonus to Accuracy, Deflection and Reflex.

Effect: +5 Accuracy, Deflection, Reflex against distance enemies

Elemental Endurance (Elf, Pale): The pale elves' long history of living in inhospitable climates has given them an inherent resistance to Burn and Freeze damage.

Effect: +10 Damage Resistance (Burn), +10 Damage Resistance (Freeze)

Fighting Spirit (Human): All folk have an indomitable spirit that rises to the challenge when things look grim. Whenever a folk is below 50% Endurance, they gain a bonus to Accuracy and damage.

Effect: +7 Accuracy, x1.15 Damage for 20s

Hale and Hardy (Dwarf, Mountain): Mountain dwarves are the most well-traveled race in Eora. Their incredible journeys have exposed them to all manner of lethal poisons and horrific diseases. As a result, all living mountain dwarves have a strong resistance to both.

Effect: +20 Defense against Poison, +20 Defense against Disease

Hunter's Instincts (Dwarf, Boreal): In the traditional lands of the boreal dwarves, primordial creatures (oozes, sentient fungi and plants) and wilder (ogres, skuldrs, trolls, vithracks, and xaurips) have long preyed on isolated hunters. Generations of conflict with these creatures has given the boreal dwarves inherent Accuracy bonuses against them.

Effect: +15 Accuracy against Primordials, +15 Accuracy against Wilders

Minor Threat (Orlan, Hearth): When hearth orlans attack a target that is also being targeted by a teammate, they convert some of their hits to Crits.

Effect: +10% of Hits converted to Crits when attacking the same target as an ally

Silver Tide (Godlike, Moon): The souls of all moon godlike are connected to reserves of healing energy. In combat, the first time a moon godlike is reduced below 75%, 50%, and 25% Endurance, they automatically generate a wave of healing around themselves.

Effect: +10 Endurance aura over 20m Radius

Towering Physique (Aumaua, Coastal): Coastal aumaua are renowned for their natural "sea legs" and sturdy builds. Whether it is due to their long history of seafaring or something that has been innate within them for generations, all coastal aumaua have an inherent resistance to being Stunned or knocked Prone.

Effect: +20 Defense against Stunned, +20 Defense against Prone

Wellspring of Life (Godlike, Nature): The souls of nature godlike respond powerfully to distress and the impending collapse of their physical body. While a nature godlike is below 50% Endurance, they gain a bonus to Might, Constitution and Dexterity.

Effect: +3 Might, +2 Constitution, +2 Dexterity while Endurance is below 50%