The Faithful Squire
Quest Information
Starting Location: Priory of the Nine
Starting NPC: The Prophet
Possible Reward(s): The defeat of Umaril!

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When you are finished listening to the Prophet and have gained the Blessing of Talos at the end of the The Sword of the Crusader quest, you are ready to launch the assault on Umaril. Your knights will immediately begin the trek to Garlas Malatar so that they may serve you in this final task. Unfortunately, you can't fast-travel to the fortress (which lies along the coastline to the northwest of Anvil), so you'll need to make your way to another explored location in its vicinity. Crowhaven or Beldaburo make good choices, though a trip directly from Anvil is fairly quick as well if you haven't explored either of those.

A journal entry marks your arrival at Garlas Malatar. Your knights have already arrived and await your orders. When you're ready to enter the fortress, simply strike up a conversation with any of them and tell them to "launch the attack." The small army of knights will immediately charge forward, striking down the two Aurorans guarding the front door. When they've been dispatched, the knights will continue into Umaril's lair and slay a few more Aurorans guarding the first main chamber.

Three remotely opened gates seal the way to the rest of the level. Your knights will line up in front of the gates while you press the block on the stone bier near the ayleid chest. Once the block is activated, all three gates will open and your knights will charge through the level slaying any Aurorans they encounter (with or without your help). While all of the knights seem to be capable of healing themselves, it's still possible for your small army to suffer some casualties. Using a targeted healing spell or putting yourself in front of the Aurorans' axes is your best bet to keep them all alive. When all of the Aurorans have been slain, follow your knights to the northeast corner where a stone door leads you to Ceysel, the fortress' second floor.

Two more gates bar your way into the "huge room up ahead" that your knights make you aware of continuously. Press the block on the wall between the two gates and your knights will pour into the room and begin battling the few Aurorans in your way. These Aurorans can't actually be defeated, though. They'll continually respawn until the orb on the platform above is destroyed. Therefore, you'll probably want to rush ahead toward the northeast and follow the pathway as it curves to the west and up a flight of stairs to the glowing orb. As soon as you activate the orb, it will shatter into pieces and time will come to a halt. Your knights and the Aurorans they were battling will vanish, as will the magical barrier that was guarding the way to the north. With the barrier down, move forward and enter the fortress' third and final level, Carac Abaran.

The level's main pathway can't be deviated from, so follow it as it takes you south, east, north, and then south again. The last stretch of hallway will pit you against two Aurorans, but you shouldn't have any trouble taking them out at this point. Just beyond this battle lies a large chamber where you'll finally encounter Umaril. As soon as you step into the chamber, a magical barrier will appear behind you, the various torches will ignite themselves, and a set of stairs will rise from the floor. Umaril will rise from his stone throne above and charge down the stairs toward you. As long as you're wielding the Sword of the Crusader or the Mace of the Crusader, this battle shouldn't be all that difficult for you. Sure, Umaril packs a punch with his lightning spells and massive claymore, but a handful of swipes with either of the holy weapons you've acquired will send him to the ground.

Defeating Umaril here only destroys his physical form, though. Once he falls, you'll need to invoke the Blessing of Talos granted to you by the Prophet (after grabbing Umaril's Sword, of course). Doing so causes your surroundings to fade away and you'll find yourself perched high above Cyrodiil where you originally spoke with Pelinal. Umaril is here too, and immediately attacks when you arrive. This time around, the battle is considerably tougher. You have plenty of room to maneuver during the battle, though, so make use of it to strike from a distance and to dodge Umaril's blasts of lightning. When Umaril falls, your surroundings will once again fade away and you'll find yourself standing in the Priory of the Nine's undercroft. A journal entry notifies you that "Umaril is utterly destroyed", thus finishing your holy quest.

Sir Amiel approaches you and confirms that your divine task is completed. He tells you that the knights' purgatory is at an end and that they owe you a debt of thanks for succeeding where they could not. If you need their assistance from the afterlife in which they travel to, Sir Amiel tells you to pray at each of their tombs and you will be granted a blessing. With that, he and the other knights fade away. If you haven't spoken with the spirit of Sir Berich since defeating his wraith form, then you can speak with him now. He tells you that the gods have shown him mercy and, thanks to you, he is able to rejoin his fellow knights in the afterlife. When your conversation is over, he too fades away.

You might as well pray at each of the tombs while you're here. Each one grants you a different blessing that increases one of your attributes by five points. Sir Amiel's grants Akatosh's Blessing for five points of Strength, Sir Calus' grants Stendarr's Blessing for five points of Personality, Sir Casimir's grants Mara's Blessing for five points of Endurance, Sir Gregory's grants Dibella's Blessing for five more points of Personality, Sir Henrik's grants Julianos' Blessing for five points of Intelligence, Sir Juncan grants Kynareth's Blessing for five points of Speed, Sir Ralvas' grants Zenithar's Blessing for five points of Luck, and Sir Torolf's grants Arkay's Blessing for five points of Willpower. A nice perk for the time you spent ridding the world of yet another evil.

When you emerge from the undercroft, Sir Thedret shrieks in amazement. Apparently you were found dead next to Umaril's body in Garlas Malatar and the knights brought you here to the undercroft to keep your death a secret. When you tell him that you have destroyed Umaril's spirit form, he runs off to tell the other knights. Follow him outside to the main grounds of the priory and he will announce your deeds to the rest of the order. Congratulations, Crusader.

So now that Umaril's dead, what's next? If you haven't finished everything that Oblivion has to offer yet, then there's no better time to continue your adventures. You have a selection of holy artifacts at your disposal and have been granted a nice set of boosts to all of your attributes. If that isn't enough, you can also choose any one of your knights to accompany you as you travel Cyrodiil. Simply tell one of them to "come with me" and you have yourself a personal bodyguard. Once you've seen and done everything in Cyrodiil, you can always move on to the Shivering Isles... when it's released.