The Faithful Squire
Quest Information
Starting Location: Underpall Cave
Starting NPC: None
Possible Reward(s): Sword of the Crusader

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At the conclusion of The Faithful Squire, you will have arrived at Underpall Cave and are now ready to enter its depths in search of the Sword of the Crusader. When you've passed through the cave's first main chamber, you'll realize that Lathon was right - this place houses a massive underground keep. A small graveyard rests in front of the keep's entrance, so it isn't too surprising to find yourself under attack by skeleton archers when you approach the keep. Use a bow or spell to take care of them from a distance if you wish, then enter the keep.

There are three levels to the keep - the North Wing, the South Wing, and the Reflecting Chamber. Feel free to explore the two wings in search of undead to banish and loot to hoard, but you really only have to make it into the Reflecting Chamber to find what you're looking for. To get there, move forward through the keep's entrance hall and then hang two quick lefts to travel down another hall heading toward the southeast. Proceed through the two double doors, killing any undead opposition on the way, then enter the wooden door leading to the Underpall Reflecting Chamber at the hallway's far end.

The first main hallway of the Reflecting Chamber offers a couple of containers to loot with minimal undead resistance. Keep moving until you reach the level's large water-filled chamber. It's along the northern shore in this room that you'll encounter the wraith of Lord Berich Vlindrel, and just as Lathon mentioned, the creature does in fact wield the Sword of the Crusader. This alone obviously makes the creature a formidable opponent, though you'll also have to deal with its various spells and resistances. Some solid blows with the Mace of the Crusader will make good progress on the wraith's health, though blasting it with fire-based spells from afar is probably the least dangerous strategy. When the wraith falls, the sword will clatter to the ground. Picking it up triggers a journal entry confirming that the sword has been desecrated and needs to be taken to the Chapel of Arkay in Cheydinhal to be reconsecrated, just as Lathon suspected during your conversation in The Faithful Squire. You can equip the sword now if you want, but you'll be afflicted with Lord Vlindrel's Curse (which gives you 100% weakness to all elements and removes your ability to regenerate magicka), so it's unadvisable.

Before leaving the keep, pay a visit to the room to the north to discover Sir Roderic's corpse, the Tomb of Lord Vlindrel, and a single chest awaiting plunder. Once you've grabbed everything of value, retrace your footsteps back to the keep's main level, then to Underpall Cave, and finally out to the surface where you can fast-travel to Cheydinhal's east gate. When you enter the Great Chapel of Arkay, you'll discover that it's under attack by a small contingent of Aurorans. Strike them down before they can cause anymore damage, then use the central altar to reconsecrate the Sword of the Crusader. A journal entry will prompt you to return to the priory to consult your knights, so that's where we're headed next.

As soon as you arrive at the Priory of the Nine, Sir Thedret will approach you and tell you that the Prophet has arrived from Anvil. He's currently in the chapel preaching to the assembled knights, and Sir Thedret recommends that you speak to him about what to do next. Sure enough, the fanatic is preaching about Umaril to a full house of knights, though he quickly stops to address your arrival. He proclaims you "the bane of Umaril the Unfeathered", steeped from "the humble shadows of obscurity and into legend." The Prophet explains that you must face Umaril at his lair, an old Ayleid outpost called Garlas Malatar. However, simply donning the eight relics isn't enough. The Prophet gives you the Blessing of Talos, which will allow you to travel into Oblivion and destroy the spirit form of Umaril after his living body has been defeated. This, he tells you, is how you will succeed where Pelinal Whitestrake did not. Once you've listened to everything the Prophet has to say, you'll proceed to the final Knights of the Nine quest - Umaril the Unfeathered.