Through A Nightmare, Darkly
Quest Information
Starting Location: Mage's Guild, Bravil
Starting NPC: Kud-Ei
Possible Reward(s): Magic Scrolls

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Kud-Ei, an Argon Mage, who is usually found sitting in a room to the left of the Mage's Guild in Bravil, will offer you this quest after you have completed the "Bravil Recommendation" in the Mages Guild section. But it is better to leave it until you have gained a good deal of strength, as it is a long and difficult quest - really four quests in one - very different to most of Oblivion IV's tasks.

When you feel ready to tackle it, go and talk to Kud-Ei. She will tell you that her friend Henantier has become trapped in a dream world, and she needs someone to rescue him. When you agree to take on the task she will lead you through the streets of Bravil to Henantier's house. Here you will find him asleep. He only mumbles when you try to talk to him. Kud-Ei says that he has become the victim of his own creation the Dreamworld Amulet and to rescue him you need to put on the amulet yourself and go to sleep. She gives you the amulet, and you must then lie on the other bed in the room and rest.

When you wake up you will find yourself in a room with Henantier, who is in a state of total confusion. Moreover you are naked - stripped of all your weaponry, spells and potions. What you now have to do is to find the four pieces of Henantier's brain that he has lost. These represent Courage, Resolve, Perception and Patience. When you find each of these - which are glowing globes, rather like small Sigil Stones, you will automatically be returned to Henantier's room.

You can take the quests in any order you like. There is a doorway or portal, to each one in the room. The following is the order in which this reviewer chose to do them:

a) COURAGE. Exit by the door to the south of the room and you will find yourself in a cavern. There's a 30-second water breathing potion sitting on a rock. Take it, but do not use it for the time being. Also quick-save at this point, as it is likely you will need several attempts to complete this task. Dive into the water, and swim straight ahead, taking the potion when you are close to running out of breath. You have to dive down into an underwater cave. Here you will find a chest with another water-breathing potion in it. Keep watching your breath, and take this when it runs low. Meanwhile you have to find the other exit to the cave. When you get there you will find a wooden door which you open and get back into fresh air. In front of you is the globe that contains part of Henantier's mind. When you take it, you will be returned to Henantier.

b) RESOLVE: This is in the same direction as the previous quest, but through a door to the right. here you will find a chest containing two sets of armor, one light and one heavy. Select the one for which you have already achieved the greatest strength. There is also a sword. Quick-save again at this point. Carry on, and you will be confronted by a Minotaur. You have to kill it (or elude it) to gain access to the next piece of Henantier's mind. (There is no point in trying to do any looting, as everything you acquire is stripped from you when you return to the real world). Once you have taken the globe you will again be back with Henantier.

c) PERCEPTION: This portal is to the right of where Henantier is usually standing (You can find it on your close-up map). When you enter it, you will find yourself in almost total darkness under a starry sky. There is a chest to the right of where you enter, containing a Torch. Use this, and then you have to find your way round a mystical path through space, which is nearly a complete circle. The route contains a number of traps, somewhat similar to those found in Ayleid ruins. Once again, quick-save at this point. The simplest way to complete the task is to stay as near as you can to the edges of the various traps, without (obviously) falling off, and then making a jump back on to the path. You will probably have to take a few attempts before retrieving this part of Henantier's mind.

d) PATIENCE: This is the most difficult of the tasks. When you enter the portal (use your map to find it), you will find yourself on a starlit site similar to that of perception, but without much assistance, apart from a weak potion of health available in a chest as you enter. The main part of the task is to complete three chessboard type puzzles where any false step results in your being zapped by arrows from the side. (If you do not want any further advice, go back to the game now). If you are stuck, here is the solution. On the first puzzle enter on the second row, go 1 forward, 1 left, and 3 straight. Easy-peasy! But save now. On the second, enter the fourth row, 1 forward, 2 left, 2 forward, 1 right, 1 forward, 2 right and one forward. Quick-save again. On the third, enter the gate on row three, go 3 forward, 4 right, 3 forward - and then jump like a bat out of hell. You may take some damage, but you should have your health potion with you to repair the damage. There is a correct (more complicated) solution, but if you want to find it, that's up to you.

You finally have to negotiate one of those Ayleid guillotine-type contraptions to get to the last part of Henantier's brain. When you give this to Henantier, he will realize what's happened to him. Together you travel back to where an anxious Kud-Ei is still waiting. Henantier thanks you and gives you a number of useful scrolls.