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Torchlight Tome
Item ID: 06002305 Item Type: Book
Value: 183 Weight: 1
Availability: Spell Tomes Plug-in
Text Size: 405 characters
Enchantments: Teaches Torchlight
Ritual Torch
Item ID: 00018D97 Item Type: Miscellaneous
Value: 0 Weight: 1
Availability: Shivering Isles Expansion
Item ID: 0002CF9F Item Type: Miscellaneous
Value: 0 Weight: 0
Availability: Oblivion (Core Game)
Item ID: 000898EF Item Type: Scroll
Value: 0 Weight: 0.1
Availability: Oblivion (Core Game)
Enchantments: Light (50, 240 Dur)
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