The Shrine of the Crusader
Quest Information
Starting Location: The Sky Over Cyrodiil
Starting NPC: Pelinal Whitestrake
Possible Reward(s): Helm of the Crusader

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At the end of the Pilgrimage quest, the spectral visage of Pelinal Whitestrake reveals that a shrine was built on the place of his death and that you should seek it out if you want to recover the divine relics he used against Umaril. The shrine is located within an Ayleid ruin called Vanua, which is below the water's surface of the Upper Niben river to the southeast of the Imperial City. If you cross the bridge to the northeast of Fort Alessia, you can jump off somewhere around the middle of it to leave only a short swim to the ruin's entrance.

Vanua is inhabited by a small army of undead, so be prepared for several battles with the unliving. The first hallway branches off into separate tombs, where you'll find Welkynd Stones waiting to be looted. At the far end of the first tunnel, you'll find a block recessed into the west wall. Pressing it opens up a doorway to the north where more undead await you. Continue moving through this new area as it takes you up a flight of stairs and down a cavernous slope. At the end of the slope, you'll reach a wooden door leading to the Shrine of the Crusader.

Once inside, dispatch the welcoming party of undead and head north, then west through the collapsed wall. On the stone floor below you, you'll discover the body of Sir Amiel, a knight who perished centuries ago while questing for the Shrine of the Crusader. Grab Sir Amiel's Ring, Sir Amiel's Journal, Sir Amiel's Key, and the Knights of the Nine Shield off his corpse, as he probably won't be needing them anymore. Reading through the journal reveals that Sir Amiel was a member of the Knights of the Nine, a "holy order devoted to the recovery of the Relics of the Crusader" whose base of operations was a priory in the West Weald. This triggers the Priory of the Nine quest, though you still have work to do here before you can start searching for Sir Amiel's headquarters.

The journal also reveals that the Helm of the Crusader is located right here in Pelinal's shrine, so acquiring it should be your new priority. Using the key from Sir Amiel's corpse, unlock the western door and proceed into the room beyond. Another collapsed wall in the northwest corner leads you down a dirt hallway and into another room with an exit leading into The Lost Catacombs. A quick jaunt through this undead-infested section leads you back to a previously inaccessible section of the Shrine of the Crusader.

It's here that you'll finally find Pelinal's resting spot - and the first piece of the Crusader's Relics, the Helm of the Crusader. Put it on if you want, then jump over the railing to the south and use Sir Amiel's Key to gain access to the south tunnel leading back into Vanua. Some nasty undead await you on the other side, so either dispatch them before leaving or simply run past them and hop down into the stone room beyond. From here, you can head east and then south through the same section of the ruin you originally entered through and, finally, exit back out to the waters of the Upper Niben River.

Next stop? The Priory of the Nine.