Quest Information
Starting Location: Any Zone (except Anvil)
Starting NPC: Any NPC
Possible Reward(s): None

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Once you've installed Bethesda Softworks' official Knights of the Nine plug-in, strike up a conversation with virtually any NPC outside of Anvil and inquire about rumors. You'll be told that Anvil is in an uproar after a brutal attack on their Chapel of Dibella and the arrival of a prophet ranting about the end of the world.

Being the investigative type, fast-travel to Anvil and chat with the guard standing outside the chapel to learn more about the situation. After warning you not to enter the chapel unless you have a strong stomach, the guard expresses his confusion on how someone made it into the chapel without being seen by the city patrols. He thinks that the town's new prophet might be on to something - that an unholy doom is visiting Cyrodiil. At this point, the Pilgrimage quest is triggered and you're free to enter the chapel to get a better idea of what took place.

The temple offers a gruesome sight, indeed. Pews are scattered about and a fire rages in the back corner. Three of the chapel's caretakers are dead and their blood has been drained to write a runic message around the central altar, ensuring that the game's forced Mature rating is well-deserved. When you've seen enough of the chapel, cross the street outside and talk with "The Prophet."

When asked about the Anvil chapel attack, the prophet declares that the destruction in Anvil is only the beginning. He goes on to tell you that the Ayleids ruled the lands thousands of years ago, at least until a Divine Crusader named Pelinal Whitestrake cast down their sorceror-king Umaril the Unfeathered with the help of the gods. This resulted in the rise of men over the past three thousand years, but now the prophet believes that Umaril's spirit has returned to seek his vengeance. To lend some credence to his rants and raves, the prophet deciphers the runic scribblings inside the temple: "As oiobala Umarile, Ehlnada racuvar" in ancient Ayleid reads "By the eternal power of Umaril, the mortal gods shall be cast down."

So how do you put a stop to this Umaril? The prophet claims that he cannot be defeated with the aid of the gods and the divine weaponry used by Pelinal three thousand years ago. These relics have been lost for ages, though, and must be quested for. If you inquire about how to quest for the relics, the prophet will ask you if you're a worthy knight. If you've completed some of the faction quest lines or the game's main quest, then you'll be able to boast about them to try and convince the prophet that you're worthy. However, the answer he's really looking for is "No, I have no claim to fame." When you offer this response, the prophet tells you that you'll need the blessing of the gods to quest for the relics. You must "walk the Pilgrim's Way" by traveling to the wayshrines of the Nine Divines and pray for the favor of each god. To get you headed in the right direction, the prophet provides you with a Wayshrines Map that depicts the location of all nine shrines within Cyrodiil.

Visiting each shrine is time-consuming as they don't show up on your fast-travel map and you'll have to constantly refer to your Wayshrines Map to determine where to travel to next. If you've done a lot of exploring in Cyrodiil previously (by doing quests or simply meandering), then you'll most likely have locations that you can fast-travel to that will cut down on the time it takes to reach each shrine. I've uploaded a screenshot of the Wayshrines Map here so that you can refer to the following list a little easier:
  • Akatosh: South of Bruma, West of Toadstool Hollow
  • Arkay: West of Kvatch, North-Northeast of Brina Cross Inn
  • Dibella: South of Chorrol, Northeast of Fort Carmala
  • Julianos: Southwest of Cheydinhal, Northwest of Cracked Wood Cave
  • Kynareth: Northeast of Bravil, South-Southwest of Deserted Mine
  • Mara: West of Skingard, Northwest of Cursed Mine
  • Stendarr: North of Leyawiin, Southeast of Sheogorath's Shrine
  • Talos
  • Southeast of the Imperial City, Northwest of Fort Variela
  • Zenithar: North of Bravil, North-Northwest of Flooded Mine
There are other wayshrines to each of these gods scattered around Cyrodiil, but I chose to pray to those reflected on the Wayshrines Map. As you activate each shrine, a journal entry will reflect the fact that you've prayed at it and encourage you to continue your penance. During your travels to all of the shrines, you may come across Sir Roderic of Wayrest, a knight who is also following the Pilgrim's Way. He and his squire Lathon will invite you to journey with them, if you wish. They'll also provide you with some additional information about the Crusader's Relics, if you indulge them in dialogue.

When you've finally prayed at all nine wayshrines, you'll receive a message that "all your sins have been washed clean" (reducing your Infamy to zero) and a journal entry telling you to pray and wait for a vision to guide you to the Crusader's Relics. Before you can do anything more, a booming voice calls out that you've been found worthy and you'll be instantly teleported to a layer of clouds with a breathtaking view far above the Imperial City. A vision of the knight Pelinal Whitestrake will appear and tell you about his battle with Umaril, "the foulest of a foul race." The slavemasters are a cunning breed, and Pelinal is not surprised that Umaril was able to find a way to cheat death. Since the gods have chosen you to wield his relics, Pelinal tells you to begin your search at a shrine that marks the location of his death. This will trigger the The Shrine of the Crusader quest.