The Renegade Shadowscale
Quest Information
Starting Location: Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Starting NPC: Teinaava
Possible Reward(s): Boots of Bloody Bounding

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This quest is technically a side quest, but it falls underneath the Dark Brotherhood section because you wouldn't gain access to it without first taking on several contracts. Once you've completed the Scheduled for Execution quest, speak with Teinaava to learn that he has a personal matter that he would like you to help with.

Teinaava explains that he and Ocheeva had befriended another Shadowscale by the name of Scar-Tail, and that all three of them were to become assassins for the Dark Brotherhood. However, Scar-Tail has now refused to fulfill his duties as an assassin, and Teinaava wants you to kill him and return his heart as proof. If you accept, he'll tell you to begin your search for the traitorous Argonian in the swamp called Bogwater far to the south.

Bogwater can be found a good distance to the southeast of Leyawiin. Tracking down Scar-Tail shouldn't be a problem, as his campfire can be seen from quite a distance. When you reach him, Scar-Tail will tell you that the Argonian Royal Court already sent an agent and that he's close to death anyway. If you let him live, he'll tell you where his treasure is stashed.

It really doesn't matter if you give in to your good will or not, though. If you let Scar-Tail go, you can loot a small pile of gold from the hollowed-out rock near his campfire, and then take the Argonian Heart from the dead agent's corpse as proof for Teinaava. If you decide to kill Scar-Tail, you can still loot the money and grab the second heart, if you wish. Teinaava won't know the different between Argonian hearts, so take whichever one back with you to the sanctuary.

For finishing his task, Teinaava will reward you with the Boots of Bloody Bounding. Equip them if you'd like, then continue on with the rest of the Dark Brotherhood quests.