The Path of the Righteous
Quest Information
Starting Location: Priory of the Nine Undercroft
Starting NPC: Sir Ralvas
Possible Reward(s): Mace of the Crusader

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After retrieving the Cuirass of the Crusader during the Priory of the Nine quest, you'll need to speak with all of the ghostly knights to learn more about the whereabouts of the remaining artifacts. When you chat with Sir Ralvas, he'll tell you that you must face something called the "challenge of Zenithar" in order to obtain the Mace of the Crusader. To attempt this challenge, Ralvas tells you to kneel before the shrine below the Chapel of Zenithar in Leyawiin.

Fast-traveling to Leyawiin's west gate will get you to the chapel in quick fashion. As soon as you enter, a man named Carodus Oholin will recognize you as the one restoring the Knights of the Nine. He tells you that he originally came here in search of the Mace of the Crusader, but was unable to claim it because his faith was weak. He also adds that Zenithar then chose him to protect the chapel from any future attacks by Umaril. Since you pose no threat to the chapel, Carodus provides you with some history surrounding the chapel and mace. He then goes on to say that anyone who prays to Zenithar will see a vision of the mace, but only those guided by faith are able to acquire it. As a final clue, he mentions that Zenithar has close ties to Kynareth, even suggesting that the two "work in harmony."

How does this final clue pertain to your task at hand? Well, if you've done the Knights of the Nine quests in the order we've listed them in this walkthrough, then you will know that the Nature's Fury quest involves Kynareth. At the completion of the quest, you receive the Boots of the Crusader, and you'll soon discover that you need those boots to bolster your faith and obtain the mace. If you already have the boots, you're all set. If you don't have them yet, you might as well abandon this quest for now and complete the Nature's Fury quest before setting your sights on the mace again.

Assuming you have the boots if you're reading this far, walk down the chapel stairs and enter the undercroft through either of the two doors to your north and south. The Ancient Sanctified Dead that patrol the main hall are friendly, so just proceed to the opposite side of the hall where the Tomb of Saint Kaladas rests. Activating the tomb immediately teleports you to what your journal calls "some sort of dark void" where you can see the Mace of the Crusader off in the distance. The Boots of the Crusader will begin vibrating and reveal a glowing walkway up to the weapon, so simply follow it straight ahead and claim the relic.

Once you have the mace in your possession, you'll be returned to the chapel undercroft and are free to return to its main floor and announce your victory. It's not quite that easy, though. In the short time you were away, the chapel has been attacked by Umaril's minions. Several "Auroran" creatures are locked in battle with the chapel's caretakers (including Carodus) when you arrive, so join the fray and use the opportunity to test out your new mace. When they've all been slain, Carodus approaches you and pledges his sword to your cause. If you accept his request to join you in the pursuit to defeat Umaril, he will exit the chapel in search of "more suitable equipment." You'll be seeing him again very soon.

If you've been following the walkthrough in order, then you've completed all of the knights' quests for the time being. Your next stop should be the Priory of the Nine, where you'll be approached by Lathon, whom you may recall was the squire of one Sir Roderic of Wayrest that you met while on the Pilgrim's Way. Lathon tells you that Sir Roderic is dead, which brings us to the The Faithful Squire quest.