Nature's Fury
Quest Information
Starting Location: Priory of the Nine Undercroft
Starting NPC: Sir Juncan
Possible Reward(s): Boots of the Crusader

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After retrieving the Cuirass of the Crusader during the Priory of the Nine quest, you'll need to speak with all of the ghostly knights to learn more about the whereabouts of the remaining artifacts. When you speak with Sir Juncan, he'll tell you that he knows the location of the Boots of the Crusader, but was killed before he was able to obtain them. If you want to follow in his footsteps, Sir Juncan instructs you to speak with the priests at a Shrine to Kynareth in the Great Forest west of the Imperial City.

Your compass points you to an unmarked location in an otherwise unremarkable wilderness area. There are no other locations in the immediate vicinity, but fast-traveling to Fort Nikel, Breakneck Cave, Fort Wooden Hand, Haynote Cave, or the Fanacasecul Ayleid ruin will get you pretty close. When you reach the shrine, strike up a conversation with Avita Vesnia and ask her about the Boots of the Crusader. There is a bug that can keep this dialogue choice from showing up, but you can circumvent it by making sure your Knights of the Nine mod is the last one to load when you fire up the game. Once you're able to chat with her about the boots, Avita will tell you that you must prove yourself worthy before you can acquire "the holy relic Kynareth has bestowed upon the world." You're to travel to the Grove of Trials, where you will be tested by Kynareth herself. Avita doesn't know what sort of test you'll be given, but she offers some advice: "heed Kynrareth's teachings" and "fear and respect nature and her creations." Cryptic, as usual.

The Grove of Trials lies just a short distance to the west. It's basically just a small clearing in the forest, and you probably won't even know you've reached it until a journal entry tells you to wait for your test. Shortly thereafter, a large bear called "Forest Guardian" will lumber its way into the grove and attack you. The test is whether or not you're able to stand there and be mauled by a bear without fighting back. Let the bear thrash you around for awhile without defending yourself and a stone door leading into Kynareth's Grotto will appear in one of the large rocks nearby.

There isn't much to Kynareth's Grotto. You'll enter a larger space with two Spriggans flanking a raised platform where the Boots of the Crusader lie in waiting. Snatch the boots up off the platform and you're ready to continue your quest to obtain the remaining relics.