Quest Information
Starting Location: Cloud Ruler Temple
Starting NPC: Jauffre
Possible Reward(s): Random Equipment

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Not directly related to Mysterium Xarxes, the book you gave to Martin at the end of the Dagon Shrine quest, Jauffre now has you check up on his reports of spies in the vicinity. Specifically, he suggests you talk to Captain Steffan of the Blades, usually out walking the walls near the front of the Temple, or to Captain Burd in Bruma. Burd is usually found in the Great Hall in Castle Bruma.

Speak with Steffan first. If he's not on the wall, check near Martin, or the library or barracks. When questioned about Spies, he'll note that around 7pm, two figures have been showing up near the runestone down the path from Cloud Ruler Temple, before you reach Bruma. You're to spy on them and find out what they're up to. Wait around for 7pm within viewing distance of the runestone (just off the right side of the path down to Bruma), and sure enough, the two people appear, Jearl and Saveri. Either walk up to them and watch them turn into Mythic Dawn agents and attack, or follow them to the southwestern side of the city of Bruma and into a cave called "Bruma Caverns", eventually leading to Jearl's house.

At the end of the cave is a locked door to the basement of Jearl's house. If you cannot pick locks well, I suggest either letting the spies spot you back at the runestone, or within the cave (at which point they turn into the Mythic Dawn) and taking their keys. Then, it's a simple matter of entering the basement and searching the table within for Ruma Camoran's note about the impending fate of Cloud Ruler Temple. You can then head up through the trapdoor to Jearl's house, located in the city's most southern area. Return to Jauffre at the temple, and then you'll be talking with Martin again about the next step regarding the book Mysterium Xarxes, in the quest Blood of the Daedra.

If instead you'd like to go through Captain Burd first, you should be at least decent with picking locks, since you'll need to pick Jearl's house in the far south of the city, and then the trapdoor leading to the basement. You can always go back to the runestone near 7pm, even if on a later day (during the quest), and find the two spies for the keys. As to the informants on the spies within the city once you speak with Burd, you can find the beggar Jorak wandering about the city. For 5 gold to jog his memory, he'll tell you what you need to give to Captain Burd as probable cause for entering Jearl's house. Otherwise, you may have to deal with a wandering guard seeing you enter the house and paying a fine.

As with the other method, when you have the note from Ruma Camoran in the basement of Jearl's house, report back to Jauffre, and then to Martin to continue in Blood of the Daedra.