Light the Dragonfires
Quest Information
Starting Location: Cloud Ruler Temple
Starting NPC: Martin Septim
Possible Reward(s): Completion of Oblivion's main quest!

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Having defeated Mankar Camoran and recovered the Amulet of Kings, your final task is to get Martin to the Temple of the One in the Imperial City and relight the Dragonfires that protect Tamriel from Oblivion. Martin tells you that the two of you must first seek out Chancellor Ocato in the Elder Council Chambers of the Imperial Palace so that he can formally present his claim to the Septim throne.

Fast-travel to the Imperial City Palace district and enter the Elder Council Chambers with Martin and Jauffre (if he still lives). High Chancellor Ocato will accept Martin's claim to the throne just as one of the city guards bursts into the chamber to declare that the city is under attack. To put an end to the invasion, Martin must be safely escorted to the Temple of the One, and a journal entry reflects that this is your new task.

Daedra will begin swarming you, so do your best to protect Martin from harm as you leave the Elder Council Chambers and use the southwest exit to enter the Imperial City Temple district. An Oblivion gate has opened right on top of the Imperial City streets here and daedra continually pour out of it, so don't waste your time trying to keep them at bay (it's a futile goal). When you 'round the corner, you'll behold the sight of Mehrunes Dagon himself laying siege to the Imperial City. A journal entry will prompt you to speak with Martin about how to defeat him and cast him back into Oblivion, so you'll want to make that your next objective.

At first, Martin appears a bit hopeless about what to do about Mehrunes. If you jog his memory a bit, though, he'll remember that the Amulet of Kings was handed down by Akatosh himself and therefore contains his divine power. This realization makes Martin's push toward the Temple of the One that much more urgent and he asks you to trust him that he'll know what to do when you get there. Put on your best running boots and charge toward Mehrunes' left side, then enter the Temple of the One through the door just past the towering Daedric Prince.

When Martin is within, he bids you farewell and runs to the center of the temple. Shattering the Amulet of Kings, he joins the divine power of Akatosh with his own blood of an Emperor. In a flash of light, Martin is gone and the avatar of Akatosh, a majestic golden dragon, stands in his place. Mehrunes Dagon smashes through the dome of the Temple of the One and a great battle takes place before you. When it's over, Mehrunes Dagon is no more and the avatar of Akatosh solidifies into a great statue at the center of the Temple of the One. Martin has sacrificed himself in order to save Tamriel and seal the gates of Oblivion forever, with the ensuing cutscene explaining his decision and wrapping the game's storyline up into a fulfilling ending as we await the fifth iteration of the franchise.

When Chancellor Ocato (and Jauffre, if he's alive) finally arrives at the temple, the daedra have already been cast back into Oblivion and the skies over Cyrodiil are starting to return to their normal blue color. He's saddened at the sacrifice that Martin had to make, but understands that it was necessary. Putting the new issue of no other Septims available to assume the throne aside for the time being, he proclaims you "Champion of Cyrodiil" and orders you a suit of Imperial Dragon Armor as a token of his gratitude. This actually triggers a whole new quest called Imperial Dragon Armor, as the armor will not be ready for another two weeks.

You're now free to continue your travels through Cyrodiil, though you'll no longer come across any Oblivion gates as you roam the countryside. All side quests and faction quests are still open to you, though, so if you still want to participate in any of them, you're certainly welcome to. Regardless of what your future plans are for the time you still have in Cyrodiil, you should give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back for finishing the game's main quest!