Imperial Dragon Armor
Quest Information
Starting Location: Temple of the One
Starting NPC: Chancellor Ocato
Possible Reward(s): Imperial Dragon Cuirass, Imperial Dragon Boots, Imperial Dragon Gauntlets, Imperial Dragon Greaves, Imperial Dragon Helmet

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At the conclusion of Light the Dragonfires (and, therefore, the game's main quest), Chancellor Ocato will proclaim you "Champion of Cyrodiil" and order a suit of Imperial Dragon Armor as a token of his gratitude. Such armor is typically only worn by an Emperor, but Ocato is making an exception in your case. In fact, only six such exceptions have ever been made in the history of the Empire, so you should feel rather special.

Your journal claims that the armor will be waiting for you at the armory in the Imperial Legion Compound, though it won't be ready for another two weeks. Spend some time doing some optional quests to help pass the time or simply wait it out - the choice is up to you. When two weeks have passed, you'll receive a journal entry prompting you that the armor is ready to be picked up.

Fast-travel to the Imperial City Prison district and enter the armory inside the gated room just off to your right. Lying on the table at the back of the room is the full suit of armor Ocato promised you - an Imperial Dragon Cuirass, some Imperial Dragon Boots, a pair of Imperial Dragon Gauntlets, a set of Imperial Dragon Greaves, and an Imperial Dragon Helmet. There are light and heavy versions of the armor, so you should end up with whichever type your character specializes in. It may not be the best armor in the game, but you'll definitely be adventuring in style now.