Great Gate
Quest Information
Starting Location: Bruma Battlefield
Starting NPC: None
Possible Reward(s): Great Sigil Stone

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While defending the city of Bruma from the daedra pouring out from not one but three separate gate openings, you will automatically receive this quest when the fourth and final "Great Gate" has opened. You must charge inside the monstrous gate into the wastes of Oblivion and seek out the Great Sigil Stone, the final component needed to open a gateway into Mankar Camoran's "Paradise."

You've been able to close all previous gates at your leisure, but this one requires you to make haste. The Daedric Siege Engine is slowly crawling toward the portal entrance, meaning that you must find the Great Sigil Stone quickly or it will destroy Bruma just as it destroyed Kvatch. To ensure that you make it to the stone in time, I recommend avoiding any battles you can (even running past some daedra if necessary) and to follow the walkthrough closely so that you don't end up wasting time on something that's unnecessary.

To start off, go through the main gate when it opens and enter the left door into the southwest World Breaker Guard tower. You can enter the right door instead if you wish (as the eastern side gets you to your objective much the same way), but for the sake of this walkthrough I'm going to stick to the west side. Ride the Corpse Masher up to the second floor, then ascend the ramps to the top and exit out of the north door. Cross the bridge into the northwest World Breaker Guard tower and descend the ramp there until you reach a door exiting the tower to the north (it's between the Corpse Masher and the top floor, so keep an eye out for it). The bridge before you is partially collapsed, so you have to make a fairly long jump to reach the opposite side. Luckily, the game autosaves when you exit the previous tower, so you can simply load your game if you don't make it.

Once you're across the bridge, continue moving north up the slope and then hop up on the platform you just crossed underneath to find a door leading into another World Breaker Guard tower. Ascend to its peak and activate the gate control lever, then exit through the same door you just entered from. The gate before you will now open up, granting you access to the World Breaker citadel. Things should be fairly straightforward from here on out as you move between the World Breaker and Vaults of End Times sections to eventually reach the Sigillum Sanguis area. The door leading into this last area is locked, though, so you'll either have to pick it, use an open spell, or kill a Sigil Keeper to loot the Sigil Key needed to gain entrance. Once you're through the door, it's just a matter of ascending two more levels to relinquish the Great Sigil Stone from its place atop the citadel.

When the Great Gate closes, the Daedric Siege Engine crashes to the ground ensuring the safety of Bruma and its people. Hand the stone over to Martin and he will tell you that he now has everything he needs to open a portal to Mankar Camoran, which triggers the Paradise quest. When you're ready to leave Cyrodiil and face Mankar, you're to meet Martin in Cloud Ruler Temple's Great Hall.