Attack on Fort Sutch
Quest Information
Starting Location: Fort Sutch
Starting NPC: Anvil Soldiers
Possible Reward(s): None

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Once you have closed the Oblivion gate at Kvatch and taken Martin to safety in Cloud Ruler Temple, it is time to abandon the main game for the time being and build up your fortune snd prestige by closing as many other gates as you can find. They pop up at random, but some of them always appear in the same place. Fort Sutch, located just north of Anvil, is one such place. The gate there is already surrounded by puzzled Anvil soldiers, who will ask for your help in closing it.

This provides some early useful assistance, although by the end they will all have perished. The quest does not appear in your Journal. For further hints on closing this gate and others, take a look at our Oblivion Gates walkthrough.