Oblivion Gates
Quest Information
Starting Location: N/A
Starting NPC: N/A
Possible Reward(s): N/A

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There are 50 Oblivion gates which - after the first few outside the cities (see "Raising Troops for Bruma") - appear all over Cyrodiil at random locations. Generally, you should try to close as many as possible before finishing the main quest, as you will become quite rich and powerful before proceeding.

When you find a new gate, make sure you leave your horse in a safe place and go back on foot. The outside of the gates are patrolled by two or three monsters, one of which will almost certainly kill your faithful friend, no matter how hard you try to defend it. It is also worth mentioning that the most valuable defense you can take with you is a Flame Ring. This defends you 100% against the towers that blast firebombs at you, and the grenades that fly in the air as you pass them. (If you have no ring, use any fire protection armor, and shoot out the grenades from a distance with a bow and your cheapest arrows).

Once your pass through to Oblivion, there are about half a dozen ways to reach the central tower, but with quite a few combinations. Again these are random - as indeed are the monsters you face. Most of these quests - which usually are not recorded in your journal - involve first travelling through one or two tunnels. Some others have a bridge. In any case you almost certainly have to fight your way up one or two of the subsidiary towers first. You can then open one or more gates.

In some cases you must then return to ground level, where the gate to the main tower can be opened. In other cases, bridges between the towers will appear. Go out on one of them and look for the bridge that links a subsidiary tower to the main tower. It is generally on a nearby tower, a floor or two below where you are standing.

After you get into the main tower you fight upwards all the way (see "The Battle of Castle Kvatch" or "Bruma Gate"). At the very top you will reach the Sigil Stone. Note that these are also random (there are 26 varieties), so if you save before taking a particular Stone, you can keep resaving until the one you want comes around. (See Game Tips and Hints: "Enchanting Weapons"). As soon as you take the stone, the gate will be destroyed and you will be taken back to Cyrodiil.