A Better Mousetrap
Quest Information
Starting Location: Sheogorath's Palace
Starting NPC: Sheogorath
Possible Reward(s): Charity of Madness

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The Manual of Xedilian goes into depth about the meaning and construction of the Xedilian complex. It fails in giving you the map marker for your next goal, though, so speak to Haskill. Sheogorath's chamberlain will mark your map and send you on your way.

The easiest way is to fast travel to any landmark that you may have encountered on the off chance that you chose the path of Dementia. If all else, you can always fast travel to the Gates of Madness. In any case, just make your way to the fortress of Xedilian, following the path and killing anything that gets in your way.

Once inside Xedilian, you are confronted with a few Grummites here and there. First of all, make your way through the gate, activated by a happy looking switch to the right. Continue through the fortress until you come to a rare Grummite that can cast spells. The first thing it will do is most likely make itself invisible. Wait for it to act and when you can see it, kill it. It usually casts spell absorption so those of us mages will have a minor disadvantage.

Once the Grummite is dead, take the staff that is stashed on its body. The staff will be removed and you will then have a crystal which you can place on the nearby Nexus of Judgment. The quest confirmation box will come up also. Place it atop the Nexus and the nearby gate will release, allowing you entrance to the rest of the fortress. Continue through, dealing with the other Grummite spell casters and set the crystals on the Nexuses until you have reached the Resonator of Judgment. It is just a large pile of crystals jutting in all directions. Simply walk up to it and activate and a chime will play. It will disperse and you will receive a confirmation stating that "the Resonator has been attuned." Continue through the gate and step upon the teleportation pad.

You will meet a man named Kiliban and he will thank the heavens that you have been able to set Xedilian back into motion. He will take it upon himself to allow you to deal with the first intruders to enter Xedilian in a long time. (Quite the honor?) You will be confronted with a scene if you move to the left chamber that overlooks an even bigger chamber. Three people, an Orc, an Argonian and some human-looking race step into the chamber and face a tree-creature called a Gnarl. Once the scene has finished, they pause and you are given the choice to press either switch at each side of you.

You have two options, either to kill one of them or to drive one of them insane. The switch that seems sad will set in motion the killing of one of the intruders. The happy, maybe sadistic, switch will drive one of them insane. Chose well, and then the scene will go forward and one of them will get their fate. Turn 180 and walk towards the gate that just opened and step onto the teleportation pad.

Kiliban is here too. Step toward the second chamber and choose well once again, and then step onto the teleportation pad one last time, which will bring you to the final scene. Here you can kill or drive mad the last intruder (the Orc) and then exit the fortress. Once you have decided, Kiliban will congratulate you and tell you about the sword that was left on the Orc's body. He will give it to you, and then you are free to leave. The sword is unique, changing from Duskfang at night to Dawnfang in the morning. Each iteration has different abilities.

Once you feel that you are finished with Xedilian, exit the fortress and return to Sheogorath. The Prince of Madness will congratulate you on completing the Xedilian quest and then send you to your next task. He tells you to do a favor for both the Duke of Mania, Sir Thadon, and the Duchess of Dementia, Lady Syl. This triggers both the Addiction and The Lady of Paranoia quests.