Quest Information
Starting Location: The House of Mania
Starting NPC: Duke Thadon
Possible Reward(s): Join Thadon's Court

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Find Thadon in the House of Mania. He is in the back room which I believe is a garden. He is painting and he is happy to speak with you. He explains an affair that he had with Syl, and somehow the Chalice of Reversal was stolen and locked away in Dunroot Burrow. He then has a horrible headache and wishes not to speak of it anymore and tells you to find someone that will explain.

This leads you to an Argonian in the main throne room named Wide-Eye. When speaking with her, notice that her eyes are, in fact, quite wide. She will lead you to Dunroot Burrow and explain that you must take a drug, Felldew, found on Elytra corpses, before entering. You will become addicted to it, so you have to kill Elytra to get more and more of it. As you go through and don't consume more Felldew you will go through withdrawals. These withdrawals will take a toll on your attributes.

Make your way to the burrow that is now marked on your map. It lies to the northern area of the Shivering Isles. Once you are there, kill the Elytra outside and consume the Felldew that lies in its possession. The effects will allow you to enter the burrow. As you go through the caverns, the first effect of the Felldew withdrawals is that it will take a 5 point drain on your Luck, Intelligence, Strength, and Agility attributes. Take more Felldew that you gain from slaying the Elytra, or the effects will worsen to a 5 point drain on Willpower, Speed, and Endurance. The last stage of withdrawal will take off 15 points of your Health, but hopefully you won't reach that point.

Continue through the lair until you make your way into a chamber, Sanctum of Decadence, full of shirtless Felldew addicts. They will fight you when you enter, be weary. Kill them all, and pilfer any Felldew you find. This drug is rather expensive and can get you a pretty penny, if you have an eye for gold. The Chalice is in the middle of the room on a pedestal. Take it and make your way out of the room into the wilderness.

The first thing you are confronted with is a priest of Order and two Knights of Order. Take care of all of them, and then pilfer the bodies of the Knights. They hold an ingredient called Heart of Order. Activate the strange crystalline obelisk and it will ask you if you want to put one of the Hearts in it. Select yes, and do this three times before the priest regains himself. Knights will respawn as long as the obelisk is functioning. After three hearts are entered, the obelisk will then shut down and you are free to pilfer. Once finished, return to Thadon, who will now grant you a place in his court. If you haven't already done so, you'll need to get a place in the Duchess Syl's court by completing the quest The Lady of Paranoia.