Intai'sei Solarium
Intai'sei Solarium

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The planet of Intai'sei is located in the Phoenix system of the Argos Rho cluster. The retirement home earned by Commander Shepard on Pinnacle Station resides on its surface.

1 - Arrival

Having taken top rank in all twelve scenarios and finished Ahern's challenge on Pinnacle Station, you're now the proud owner of a little retirement home on a sweltering hot planet. A prefabricated one, too, as your new Technology: Prefabricated Structures codex entrry describes. Luckily, you can come and go to the Normandy via the same airlock door you enter here.

2 - Grenades Locker

Running low on grenades? Check this locker to restock your supply.

3 - First Aid Station

Or how about some Medi-Gel? You have your own personal first aid station now.

4 - Mass Effect Radio

Enjoy a handful of relaxing tunes from the Mass Effect soundtrack, courtesy of this slide-up entertainment system. It's a shame that the television has no reception.

5 - Personal Computer

When you check your messages via this personal computer, you'll discover an email from a weapons dealer by the name of "Hood". Apparently the good Admiral ordered in some sort of shipment from a weapons convoy, and it's going to be in the Phoenix system for the next week or so. The only catch is that you have to pay the convoy's delivery fee - 5000 credits for MSV Collins, 75,000 credits for MSV Adams, and 220,000 credits for MSV Wallace.

Unfortunately, you can't actually board the convoy and do some bartering with Mr. Hood. Instead, you suddenly receive a low, medium, or high level item right here in the apartment as soon as the credits are transferred. For the sake of example, I received an Ablative Coating IV when I chose the MSV Collins, some High Explosive Rounds VIII when I chose the MSV Adams, and a Savant X when I chose the MSV Wallace. It's something of a gamble, but it appears that you can get some hard-to-find items from here if you have the credits to spend.


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