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Mass Effect N7 Day 2021 Celebrations

Posted by ValH at 11:45 am on 11.8.2021 (3 weeks ago)

Earlier this year, BioWare's Mass Effect Trilogy was re-released as the Legendary Edition, and before that, we got a quick teaser ...

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - LE3 Community Patch Available

Posted by ValH at 9:28 am on 09.27.2021 (2 months ago)

Earlier this year, BioWare re-released their Mass Effect Trilogy as the Legendary Edition. And while this remaster may strike you ...

Mass Effect Trilogy Retrospective

Posted by ValH at 8:32 am on 09.5.2021 (3 months ago)

You'd think that at this point, there's not much left to say about Mass Effect. But then, you stumble upon an article like this Th...

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - Your Shepard, Your Choices Infographic

Posted by ValH at 9:18 am on 07.28.2021 (4 months ago)

The Legendary Edition of the Mass Effect Trilogy has now been live for a couple of months. And in order to highlight some neat pla...

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - Mac Walters on Scrapped Movie

Posted by ValH at 10:04 am on 06.26.2021 (5 months ago)

Mac Walters, the project director on the recently-released Legendary Edition remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy, recently had a c...

BioWare - Gary McKay Confirmed as General Manager

Posted by ValH at 9:15 am on 06.17.2021 (6 months ago)

Following Casey Hudson's recent departure from BioWare, Gary McKay, an industry veteran of over 20 years, took over as the studio'...

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition New Update Now Live

Posted by ValH at 9:19 am on 06.8.2021 (6 months ago)

Having launched last month, the remastered Legendary Edition of the original Mass Effect trilogy has now been augmented with a num...

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Available, Reviews

Posted by ValH at 9:41 am on 05.15.2021 (7 months ago)

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a remastered re-release of BioWare's original Mass Effect trilogy, is now available on PC, PlaySta...

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Promotional Content

Posted by ValH at 9:23 am on 05.6.2021 (7 months ago)

With Mass Effect: Legendary Edition launching in about a week, we're treated to a bunch of promotional content that includes this ...

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Visual Improvements

Posted by ValH at 9:51 am on 04.14.2021 (8 months ago)

Scheduled to launch on May 14, 2021, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will not only recalibrate Mass Effect’s gameplay, it’s als...

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Gameplay Calibrations

Posted by ValH at 9:29 am on 04.7.2021 (8 months ago)

In about a month, when the Legendary Edition goes live, you’ll be able to revisit BioWare’s Mass Effect trilogy. And if you’...

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Interview - More Effective Boss Fights

Posted by ValH at 11:23 am on 02.18.2021 (10 months ago)

With the Legendary Edition of the Mass Effect trilogy set to go live on March 14, 2021, BioWare’s game director Mac Walters and ...

Mass Effect - Jack Wall Interview

Posted by ValH at 10:04 am on 02.7.2021 (10 months ago)

Jack Wall, the award-winning composer behind the Mass Effect soundtrack, recently had a chance to discuss his contributions to Bio...

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Release Date Revealed

Posted by ValH at 10:50 am on 02.3.2021 (10 months ago)

Announced a couple months back, the remastered Legendary Edition of BioWare’s Mass Effect trilogy will be launching on May 14, 2...

Dragon Age & Mass Effect - BioWare Teasers at The Game Awards

Posted by ValH at 10:44 am on 12.11.2020 (12 months ago)

During this year’s The Game Awards show, BioWare presented a double feature of cinematic trailers teasing new Dragon Age and Mas...

BioWare - Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah Leave the Studio

Posted by ValH at 11:27 am on 12.4.2020 (1 year ago)

With Mass Effect Legendary Edition and a new entry in the Dragon Age series in the works at BioWare, this message from EA’s chie...

Mass Effect - Where to Go Next?

Posted by ValH at 10:12 am on 11.24.2020 (1 year ago)

We recently learned that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a remaster of the original Mass Effect trilogy, wasn’t just a rumor and...

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Announced

Posted by ValH at 11:22 am on 11.8.2020 (1 year ago)

For a while now, we’ve been hearing rumors of a potential Mass Effect remaster. And according to this developer blog post from B...

Aaryn Flynn Discusses BioWare and EA's Frostbite Engine

Posted by ValH at 11:43 am on 11.24.2019 (2 years ago)

Aaryn Flynn, BioWare's former general manager, was one of the keynote speakers at this year's Reboot Develop Red conference. Accor...

BioWare's Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk Receive the Order of Canada Award

Posted by ValH at 11:29 am on 12.28.2018 (2 years ago)

Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, a couple of Edmonton doctors, co-founded BioWare way back in 1995. As a result, the studio brought us...

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