Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I've found an error in the database! What should I do to let you know about it?

A: If you find any incorrect or missing data, please send us an email that describes the correction that needs to be made along with the name of the item in question and which game it belongs to.

Q: There's an item I'd really like to find, but I have no idea where the location is that you've listed. Can you help?

A: The Fallout games are composed of many locations, some of which are difficult to find or depend on certain conditions. Your best bet is to refer to the game's walkthrough or special encounter section within our dedicated subsite. You'll most likely find the information you need to reach that location if you poke through those areas.

Q: You've listed that you can steal one of the items from a certain NPC. You should also mention that it can be looted from that NPC's corpse, shouldn't you?

A: If you can steal the item from an NPC, you'll always be able to grab it from their corpse. Therefore, it would be a little redundant to list them as separate locations. Keep in mind that the opposite is not always true - items that cannot be stolen will sometimes be found on the NPC's corpse. Whenever possible, we've listed what can be obtained by killing the NPC and directly looting their corpse.

Q: Many of the items from Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel are missing an image! Why?

A: A vast majority of the Fallout: BoS weapons are shown with the 3D render that was released by Interplay around the game's release. They didn't release any other images, and capturing the in-game item images and cropping them looked terrible, so we've chosen to use a placeholder image instead. If you happen to know where we can find more of the original high quality images (from one of the original developers, for example), please let us know.