About GameBanshee's Fallout Equipment Database
This searchable equipment database is the result of much research during multiple game sessions with each Fallout title. It is composed of about 3500 items and includes the exact locations of where to find each piece of equipment in its respective game. If an item is very common and can be found in a lot (a dozen or more, typically) of locations, we have simply left the location fields blank rather than make an exhaustive list under its statistics. However, we have made an exception for some items that we felt required more locations, including some of the more powerful weapons and collectible items like the Cat's Paw Magazine from Fallout 2 or the Big Book of Science from Fallout 3.

Since an advanced search could return results from multiple games, we have differentiated each item by listing the game it comes from in its statistics and by placing a different color behind each item's icon. Fallout 1 items have a dark red background (), Fallout 2 items have a dark blue background (), Fallout 3 items have a dark green background (), Fallout: New Vegas items have a dark brown background (), Fallout Tactics items have a light brown background (), and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel items have a blue/grey background ().

While we have done everything possible to make sure this database is 100% accurate and more-or-less complete, you may come across some incorrect or missing data while browsing through the items. In the event that you do find something that isn't quite right, please send us an email and let us know about it.