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Mage Level 9
Energy Drain

Range: Close
Duration: Permanent
Area of Effect: One target

This spell causes the target to lose 2 levels or 2-16 hit points. The target also loses attack bonuses.

Meteor Swarm

Range: Long
Duration: Instant
Area of Effect: 3x3 square area

This spell causes four fireballs to travel away from the caster. Anything in their path suffers the maximum damage from the spell. The fireballs fly in a line and form a diamond or square area of effect. Anything unlucky enough to get caught in the center is affected by all four of the spheres.

Power Word, Kill

Range: Long
Duration: Permanent
Area of Effect: One square

This spell kills a creature with up to 60 hit points. It also kills two or more creatures with less than 10 hit points each (up to a maximum of 120 total hit points). For example, the spell can kill 12 creatures with 10 hit points each.

Time Stop

Range: 0
Duration: Short
Area of Effect: Entire party

This spell stops time momentarily and gives the entire party time to do things such as cast more spells or run away. Everything outside the area of effect temporarily stops moving; it is as if time were suspended. Only unique creatures or creatures of demigod and greater status are immune to this spell.