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Cleric Level 3
Create Food & Water

Range: 0
Duration: Permanent
Area of Effect: Special

This spell allows the cleric to conjure nourishment for the entire party. When characters' food bars are blank, and they do not eat, they suffer 1 hit point of damage every 24 hours. Starving mages and clerics are unable to regain spells.

Dispel Magic

Range: 0
Duration: Instantaneous
Area of Effect: Whole party and surrounding squares

This spell negates the effects of any spell affecting the party. Dispel Magic does not counter Cure spells, but it will dispel Hold Person, Bless, and similar spells.

Magical Vestment

Range: 0
Duration: Medium
Area of Effect: Caster

This spell enchants the cleric's own robes, providing protection at least equivalent to chain mail (AC 5). The vestment gains a +1 enchantment for every three levels the cleric earns above fifth level. For example, a 10th-level cleric would have AC 3 protection. This spell is not cumulative with itself or any other spells or armor. The spell's duration increases with the level of the caster.

Negative Plane Protection

Range: 0
Duration: Long or until the character is hit
Area of Effect: One character

This spell gives a character partial protection from undead attacks that drain levels. However, the character still takes any physical damage done by the attack. Undead creatures that attack characters protected by this spell take 2-12 points of damage from the spell's positive energy.


Range: 0
Duration: Short to medium
Area of Effect: Entire party

This spell is a more powerful version of the first-level spell Bless. This spell increases the party's combat ability and decreases the enemy's. The spell has no cumulative effect. The spell's duration increases with the level of the caster.

Protection from Fire

Range: 0
Duration: Long
Area of Effect: One character

If the spell is cast on a character, the character takes no damage from any fire attacks for a certain amount of time. The spell absorbs the damage from those attacks. After the spell has absorbed all it can, it dissipates.

Remove Paralysis

Range: 0
Duration: Permanent
Area of Effect: One to four characters

This spell negates the effects of any type of paralyzation or related magic. The spell counters Hold and Slow spells.