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Mage Level 1

Range: 0
Duration: Special
Area of Effect: One target

This spell causes the target to vanish from sight. The invisible character remains unseen until he attacks a monster or is hit. Certain powerful monsters can sense invisible characters, or even see them outright.

Melf's Acid Arrow

Range: Long
Duration: Special
Area of Effect: One target

This spell creates a magical arrow that launches itself at a target as though it were fired by a fighter of the same level as the mage. The arrow is not affected by distance. The arrow does two to eight points of damage per attack. For every three levels the mage has earned, the arrow gains an additional attack. For example, at third- to fifth-level the arrow attacks twice, and at sixth- to eighth-level the arrow attacks three times.

Stinking Cloud

Range: Medium
Duration: Medium
Area of Effect: Target square

This spell creates a billowing mass of noxious vapor. Any creature or character entering the cloud has a chance of becoming incapacitated by nausea. The spell duration increases with the level of the caster.