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Dwarves are a short, heavily built demi-human race. They stand between 4 and 4 1/2 feet tall, but generally weigh more than 150 pounds due to their heavily muscled build. Dwarves live from 350 to 450 years. They are famous for their skill in all manner of crafts, from metalworking to stone masonry. Dwarven weapons command high prices in markets around the world, and pieces of their fine jewelry are literally part of every king's ransom. In addition to intricate workmanship, dwarves are known for tremendous courage and tenacity that borders on the fanatic.

Dwarves are by nature non-magical, and have innate resistances to spells as well as many poisons.
  • Ability Score Modifiers: Constitution +1, Charisma -1
  • Allowable Classes: Cleric, Fighter, Thief, Fighter/Cleric, Fighter/Thief
  • Level Restrictions: Cleric (10)


Elves are slimmer and somewhat shorter than the average human and are easily distinguished by their fine features and pointed ears. They often live for more than 1,200 years. Elves do not like the confines of civilization. They delight in natural beauty, singing, and carefree playing. To outsiders, elves often appear to be haughty and cold, although they are known to be fiercely loyal to friends.

Elves of all classes are taught archery from a very young age, and they receive a +1 bonus with any type of bow, and long or short swords. Elves are highly resistant to any type of Sleep or Charm spell.
  • Ability Score Modifiers: Dexterity +1, Constitution -1
  • Allowable Classes: Cleric, Fighter, Mage, Ranger, Thief, Fighter/Mage, Fighter/Thief, Mage/Thief, Fighter/Mage/Thief
  • Level Restrictions: None


Gnomes are distant kin of the dwarves, although the latter are loathe to admit the relation. Gnomes typically live to be around 600 years old. Where dwarves are taciturn and hard working, gnomes are more carefree and lively. Never turn your back on a gnome, however -- they are diabolical and enthusiastic practical jokers.

Gnomes are fairly magic-resistant, and gain a +1 combat bonus against kobolds.
  • Ability Score Modifiers: Intelligence +1, Wisdom -1
  • Allowable Classes: Cleric, Fighter, Thief, Cleric/Thief, Fighter/Cleric, Fighter/Thief
  • Level Restrictions: Cleric (9)


Half-elves inherit several advantages from their mixed parentage. They resemble their elvish parents in facial appearance, but half-elves are taller and heavier than most elves, approaching human norms. While not as long-lived as true elves, they live, on average, about 250 years. For the most part, half-elves can travel and mingle in both elvish and human company, although rarely are they truly accepted in either.

Half-elves have the greatest selection of class combinations of any of the races. They inherit an innate resistance to Sleep and Charm spells, but to a lesser extent than full-blooded elves.
  • Ability Score Modifiers: None
  • Allowable Classes: Cleric, Fighter, Mage, Ranger, Thief, Fighter/Cleric, Fighter/Thief, Fighter/Mage, Cleric/Ranger, Cleric/Mage, Thief/Mage, Fighter/Mage/Cleric, Fighter/Mage/Thief
  • Level Restrictions: None


Halflings are a diminutive people famous for their congeniality and love of comfort. Their facial features are round and broad and they typically have curly hair. Halflings are fairly short, a little shorter than dwarves, and quite plump. They are sturdy, industrious, and generally quiet and peaceful. Their burrow homes are well furnished, and their larders are always well stocked. Halflings are well liked by nearly all other races. Gnomes especially like halflings, who they feel are kindred spirits.

Halflings have innate magic resistance and have a +1 bonus with slings.
  • Ability Score Modifiers: Strength -1, Dexterity +1
  • Allowable Classes: Cleric, Fighter, Thief, Fighter/Thief
  • Level Restrictions: Cleric (8), Fighter (9)


Humans are the most adaptable and, hence, most prevalent race. Humans vary more than any other race in size, skin color, and hair color. Typically they live around 70 years. Human societies are more diversified than any of the other races, and also more aggressive and acquisitive. Where the longer-lived races wait patiently and take a long-range view of the world, humans tend to muster their efforts for immediate gain.
  • Ability Score Modifiers: None
  • Allowable Classes: Cleric, Fighter, Mage, Paladin, Ranger, Thief
  • Level Restrictions: None