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Diablo III - The Darkening of Tristram Event Returns in 2023

Posted by ValH at 7:07 am on 01.1.2023 (1 year ago)

The annual Darkening of Tristram event for Diablo III will be going live on January 3, 2023. Celebrating the anniversary of the or...

Diablo Retrospective

Posted by ValH at 9:24 am on 10.24.2022 (1 year ago)

This year's Portland Retro Gaming Expo had a panel featuring Blizzard's Matt Householder, Matt Uelmen, and Jay Wilson, during whic...

Activision Blizzard Purchased by Microsoft

Posted by ValH at 9:34 am on 01.19.2022 (2 years ago)

To show everyone they mean business with this whole expansion into gaming thing they've been doing over the last few years, Micros...

Diablo III - The Darkening of Tristram Event Returns

Posted by ValH at 10:45 am on 12.31.2021 (2 years ago)

The yearly Darkening of Tristram event is about to go live in Diablo III. This event allows you to revisit some of the locations o...

GOG Spring Sale Live

Posted by ValH at 11:25 am on 03.23.2021 (3 years ago)

If you’re looking to expand your gaming library, you might be interested in GOG’s seasonal Spring Sale that will be running th...

Blizzard Entertainment - 30th Anniversary Trailer

Posted by ValH at 11:31 am on 02.9.2021 (3 years ago)

Founded back in 1991, Blizzard Entertainment is one of the most recognizable video game developers out there. Do some quick math a...

Diablo III - The Darkening of Tristram Event Live

Posted by ValH at 10:36 am on 01.4.2021 (3 years ago)

Diablo III’s annual Darkening of Tristram event is back. Running through January 31, 2021, this event allows you to go back in t...

GOG Winter Sale Now Live

Posted by ValH at 11:39 am on 12.17.2020 (3 years ago)

GOG’s annual Winter Sale is now live, offering great deals across the board, a number of specialized bundles, and a free copy of...

Warchief Gaming - Chris Metzen’s New Tabletop Studio

Posted by ValH at 10:58 am on 10.31.2020 (3 years ago)

Chris Metzen, the man pretty much responsible for taking what essentially was off-brand Warhammer and turning it into the massive ...

Max Schaefer and Matt Uelmen on IGN Unfiltered

Posted by ValH at 9:04 am on 06.24.2020 (3 years ago)

Max Schaefer and Matt Uelmen, a couple of veteran developers who worked on the early entries in the Diablo series over at Blizzard...

Diablo III - The Darkening of Tristram Event Returns

Posted by ValH at 11:03 am on 01.7.2020 (4 years ago)

Diablo III’s annual Darkening of Tristram flashback event is now live and should stay that way until January 31, 2020. If you’... in 2019 - End of the Year Summary

Posted by ValH at 11:21 am on 01.1.2020 (4 years ago)

With another year behind us, the folks over at share this article that looks back at the standout moments of 2019 in relat... Winter Sale Live, Wasteland 2 Giveaway

Posted by ValH at 11:00 am on 12.12.2019 (4 years ago)

The folks over at are running their annual winter sale, and as a result you can now purchase plenty of heavily discounted ...

Blizzard North Founders Talk Diablo IV and Blizzard Entertainment

Posted by ValH at 10:27 am on 11.26.2019 (4 years ago)

David Brevik, Erich Schaefer and Max Schaefer, who, as Blizzard North, developed the two original Diablo games, were attending thi...

The Story of Blizzard's Diablo Junior

Posted by ValH at 11:26 am on 11.17.2019 (4 years ago)

Earlier this year, we got a chance to learn that between working on Diablo and Diablo II, some Blizzard North employees had plans ...

GOG.COM Halloween Sale Live

Posted by ValH at 11:27 am on 10.29.2019 (4 years ago)

If you visit between now and November 4, 2019, you'll be able to purchase a great deal of heavily discounted horror-adjace...

Diablo: Hellfire Live on GOG

Posted by ValH at 10:24 am on 06.6.2019 (4 years ago)

Diablo, a classic Blizzard Entertainment title that can be considered the forefather of the ever-popular hack 'n' slash action-RPG...

GOG Launches the Summer Sale Festival

Posted by ValH at 11:34 am on 05.31.2019 (5 years ago)

In order to distract us all from the sweltering unpleasantness that is summer, the good folks over at GOG.COM have launched their ...

Diablo Available on GOG

Posted by ValH at 5:21 pm on 03.7.2019 (5 years ago)

If you'd like to revisit the town of Tristram, fight the Butcher or the Skeleton King, and square off against the Lord of Terror h...

Diablo Junior - A Look at a Canceled Game Boy Diablo Title

Posted by ValH at 12:07 pm on 01.28.2019 (5 years ago)

With Diablo: Immortal, a mobile Diablo game for Android and iOS devices, on the way, this Variety article looks back at a short-li...

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