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Weapon Modifications
Weapon Modifications in Deus Ex: Invisible War work differently than in the first game:
  • There are eight types of weapon mods in Invisible War.

  • Some weapons can use all of them and some only a group of them.

  • A maximum of two mods can be installed at any one time.

  • Once installed, weapon mods cannot be uninstalled, so choose wisely.

  • Example of a good choice: silencer on the Sniper Rifle.

Ammo Scavenger
The weapon uses less ammo.

EMP Converter
Adds EMP damage (efftive against bots and electronic targets) to shots.

Fragmentary Round
Creates a small-radius explosion on impact that inflicts extra damage.

Glass Destabilizer
Dissolves glass without setting off alarms. Note that the glass destabilizer does not afct non-breakable glass.

Increased Damage
Adds more damage per shot.

Increased Range
Increases shot range.

Refire Rate
Weapon fires faster.

Weapon sound is dampened.