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Biomods in Deus Ex: Invisible War work differently than in the first game:
  • There are two types of canisters you can find: Normal and Black Market.

  • You have five spots on your body to install one of three choices of biomod (two for Normal Canisters and one for Black Market): Arm, Cranial, Eye, Leg & Skeletal; only one biomod for a particular body part can be installed at any one time. That means you can have a maximum of five biomods installed at any one time, not including the unchangeable Light Biomod.

  • All biomods (other than Light) can be uninstalled at any time, however you do not get the canisters back.

  • Each biomod is classified as either passive or active. Passive biomods work automatically, without the need to be activated or "turned on". Conversely, active biomods must be activated or "turned on."

  • Each biomod has three levels of efficiency, labeled level 1 through 3, the maximum. Each level upgrade usually decreases the energy drain at minimum and normally increases the efficiency as well.

  • Example: If you choose Strength Enhancement for your Arm biomod, you cannot also choose Bot Domination until you uninstall Strength and install your Black Market Canister into Bot Domination. You'll need other Black Market Canisters to upgrade it.


Strength Enhancement (passive)
Adds damage to melee and thrown attacks. Allows you to lift heavier objects and carry more items in your inventory.

Biotox Attack Drone (active)
Launches a drone armed with a non-lethal biotox weapon. Hovers near you and attacks when you attack. The drone's dart attack is fairly quiet. Only attacks organic targets.

Bot Domination (active) - Black Market
Enables first-person control of a nearby bot, camera or turret.


Cloak (active)
Renders you invisible to humans and animals. Not effective against turrets, bots or cameras.

Hazard Drone (active)
Protects you from environmental hazards such as poison and radiation.

Neural Interface (passive) - Black Market
You can enter security control terminals without a password. Allows the control and manipulation of cameras, turrets and other special options.


Vision Enhancement (active)
Improves your vision. Privides low-light enhancement and (at higher levels) the ability to see through walls using sophisticated scanning techniques.

Regeneration (active)
Rapidly restores lost health. Automatically deactivates when full health is reached.

Spy Drone (active) - Black Market
A remote camera and EMP weapon. This drone can be piloted - you can see through the drone's "eye" and maneuver it normally. The drone can fly vertically, but it has a fairly low maximum flight altitude. It can fire an EMP attack (which destroys the drone) over a small radius.


Speed Enhancement (active)
Increases speed and jumping distance. Increases safe falling height.

Move Silent (passive)
Reduces the noise made by walking, running or jumping. Increases safe falling height.

Health Leech Drone (active) - Black Market
Allows you to heal yourself when in close proximity to a corpse or unconscious body, by breaking down the body's organic material nanotechnologically.


Aggressive Defense Drone (active)
Forces incoming rockets to detonate prematurely. Detonates huried enemy grenades and projectiles.

Thermal Masking (active)
Renders you invisible to bots and electronic devices, including cameras and turrets.

Electrostatic Discharge (passive) - Black Market
Enhances your hand-to-hand attacks with EMP damage.