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The Fiendish Eye of Kalem'Darr
Category: Accessory (Eyeball) Value: 1500
Lore Req to ID: 95 Weight: 0

  • Charisma: +2
  • Resistance to Fire: +5%
  • Resistance to Magical Fire: +5%
  • Resistance to Gas Attacks: +5%
  • Resistance to Cold: +5%
  • Resistance to Magical Cold: +5%
  • Wisdom: -1

How Obtained:
  • Ravel's Maze - Loot from Ravel Puzzlewell

A well-known and respected fiend from the Lower Planes, Kalem'Darr was a member of the Fated faction in Sigil. His businesses were spread far and wide, and it was said he had a glittering touch, for every enterprise he undertook was successful. He planned carefully, took few risks, and prospered. Occasionally, he was forced to collect on debts -- which could be bloody undertakings, but in the end, he always received his payments.

One day, one of his debtors came to Kalem'Darr and told him he could not settle his debt with coin... but would provide something of greater worth, if the fiend was interested. The man was a hedge wizard of little power, but he claimed he knew the ways of blessing a businessman's eye so that no opportunity would ever escape his sight. Kalem'Darr, both greedy and intrigued, agreed to accept the enchantment as payment.

It worked... too well, as perhaps the wizard had intended.

Kalem'Darr's enchanted eye soon saw opportunities *everywhere.* Too many to be exploited, and many others the fiend did not know HOW to take advantage of. What his "blessed" eye saw, his hands made broken -- every opportunity he tried to take advantage of, his ineptitude mangled. His businesses fell apart, his financial empire crumbled. He soon found himself in debt to his fellows, who had little sympathy for their former competitor.

Kalem'Darr, unable to bear his reversal of fortune, finally plucked the offending eyeball from his socket and placed it within a cube of glass upon his mantle-piece. Then one day... the eye simply vanished.

It is said the eyeball itself saw a better opportunity as a free agent, but this has never been proven.

When placed within an empty eye socket, not only does the fiendish eye grant the wearer a trace of Kalem'Darr's fiendish immunities, it also grants the wearer a bonus to their dealings with others, allowing them to thread their way through a conversation and take what they need. Still, the blinding array of opportunities the eye presents to the wearer blinds him to the opportunities he does take, reducing how much he learns from his experiences.