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Beer Goggles
Category: Accessory (Lens) Value: 1
Lore Req to ID: 90 Weight: 0

Requires: Nordom

  • Intoxicates User
  • Immunity to Panic
  • Damage: -1
  • Base Hit Points: +10
  • THAC0: -1 to Missile Weapons

How Obtained:
  • Clerk's Ward (Curiosity Shoppe) - Purchased from Vrischika (exotic wares)
  • Modron Maze - Possible loot from within the maze

Apparently, some modron once foolishly asked a wizard what it was like to be intoxicated, and these goggles were fashioned. When this lens is equipped, the wearer becomes "braver," "stronger," but can't see targets too well, reducing chances to hit and damage an enemy.