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Entropic Blade (Axe)
Category: Weapon (Axe) Value: 10000
Lore Req to ID: 0 Weight: 1

Damage: 3-23
THAC0: +2
Enchanted: +2
Damage Type: Slashing
Speed Factor: 7
Proficiency: Axes

Requires: Fighter Class

How Obtained:
  • Lower Ward (Siege Tower) - Obtained from Coaxmetal by giving him Modron Cube (can become different weapons)

This strange item was in your possession after you gave the Modron Cube to the iron golem in the Siege Tower. It looks to be a small dagger, but its surface twists and bends as you watch, as if struggling to break free from its shape.

It looks to be made of iron, silver, and any of a number of different metals. Sometimes they blend together, other times, they submerge into the core of the blade, only to resurface again minutes later.