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The Celestial Order, Volume 1
The world is a place of order. When order is not enforced, chaos reigns. Chaos is the natural state of the world. The order that currently exists in the result of the power of the Great Dragon. Out of this steaming chaos, the Great Dragon created the world, perfect in every way. But nature the forces of the universe, demand balance. For every bit of order, there must be corresponding chaos. That first world, that perfect world, was pure order. It could not last.

The perfect order choked life and did not allow growth, and so chaos was allowed back into the world.
• Heaven - Forest Shadow's Temple

The Celestial Order, Volume 2
The Great Dragon loosed chaos upon the world he had created, separating man from the beasts and laying foundation for the eventual order that would unite humanity: this glorious Jade Empire. The great animalsí spirits of the past were cast out from the human communities, and Man was forever separated and elevated above the common beasts. Man who now the guardian of order, imposing his will on nature and shaping it to his desire.

But balance must exist in all things. Man was a bastion of order, with chaos in his heart. For as long as the world remains in chaos, man will always war and strive against his fellow man. This is the way of nature. Until the Great Dragon returns to bring the world to order or humanity brings itself above the cycle of nature, this is the way it will always be.
• Imperial Palace First Floor

The Celestial Order, Volume 3
The Celestial Bureaucracy is made up of all the servants that the Great Dragon left behind to administer creation. According to the priests and augers, they know nothing of their creator or where it has gone. The Great Dragon has transcended heaven, they say. They, in their faithfulness, remain behind.

Or so they say. Over the millennia, many have fallen from their duties and have become part of the chaos in the world. This, we can only suppose, is part of creation as well. But as representatives of order, humanity suffers most from the attentions of these chaotic spirits and demons.
• Lord Lao's Furnace

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