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Arashi's Spider-Shot
Unique Sniper Rifle
Toxic Dmg (Direct): 60-73

Critical Chance: 3%
Rate of Fire: 28 shots/min
Interrupt Strength: 41
Range: 40m
Critical Damage: 50%
Damage of Poison Effect: 30%
Poison Attack Strength: 119

Equip Cost: 24 Accu, 9 Will
Item Level 9 (Clvl 5 Required)
Venomous: 19% chance to cause a Toxic Nova when it kills an enemy
Masterful: NANOBOTS 3
Radiated: Adds 54 to Poison Attack Strength

Note: Due to item "jitter", the above statistics may vary to some degree. Additionally, weapons are shown with the maximum number of mod slots possible and may drop with fewer slots on occasion.


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