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Kalika's Catharsis
Unique Mind-control Weapon
Id Pulsars and Puppet Master weapons confuse targeted Demons, causing them to attack other Demons.

Does not function in Drones.

Critical Chance: 0%
Rate of Fire: Constant
Interrupt Strength: 0
Range: 20m

Equip Cost: 36 Accu, 36 Will
Item Level 32 (Clvl 25 Required)
Mind Control Strength: 17 in a 2.5m radius for 5 seconds; field lasts 4 seconds

Bringer's: Plus 1 to all Summoner Skills
Beneficial: Minion Health +47%
Reviving: Power Regeneration: 58/min
Friar's: Willpower: +9

Note: Due to item "jitter", the above statistics may vary to some degree. Additionally, weapons are shown with the maximum number of mod slots possible and may drop with fewer slots on occasion.


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