Dungeons & Dragons Online Equipment Database: Item Details
Delera's Vestment
Bound to Character
Minimum Level: 6
Race Absolutely Excluded: Warforged
Equips To: Chest
Durability: 45 / Cloth [Hardness: 6]
Base Value: 16055 gp
Weight: 0 lbs
Obtained: Potential reward at completion of Delera's Tomb adventure line
A rich, brocade robe once worn by the great lady of Stormreach herself.
Charisma +3: This item makes the wearer have more flair, granting a +3 enhancement bonus to Charisma.
Armor Bonus +2: This item surrounds the wearer with an invisible but tangible field of force, granting +2 armor bonus to AC, just as though he were wearing armor.