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Strahan's Diary
Category: Miscellaneous (Other) Value: 0
Lore Req to ID: 0 Weight: 1

How Obtained:
  • Mausoleum - Found in podium in inner sanctum

This leather-bound tome is cracked and worn with age. Some sort of crest has been burned into the cover. You can make out a series of interlocking triangles centered about the initials SR. The writing upon its pages has faded considerably, but the last few entries seem to have been penned recently.

Day 2 of the 127th Year of Factol Hashkar's reign:

At last, I have found it! The missing page of the Ap'Tarj Grimoire is now in my possession. As I had guessed, the page detailed the necessary components for the casting of the final transformation spell. I have all but one of the components. A drop of an immortal's blood is all that stands between me and the eternal power of lichdom. But where can I find such a rarity? Perhaps I should seek the answer through divination.

Day 14 of the 127th Year of Factol Hashkar's reign:

After days of taxing divination spells, I finally have my answers. The divination revealed the location of an immortal to be somewhere within an ancient Mausoleum located in the Hive section of Sigil. I must make haste. I must find this creature and draw its blood before it moves on.

Day 15 of the 127th Year of Factol Hashkar's reign:

I have arrived at the Mausoleum. Immediately, I was set upon by a shade that guards the remains of those interred within this place. I managed to elude the spirit and found my way into what appears to have been some sort of inner sanctum. Protected by some minor wards to prevent any further interruptions by that supernatural twit, I have set about raising some of the locals to conduct a search for the immortal. If the divination was accurate and the immortal is here, then likely it is interred within one of the many crypts that line these halls. It is only a matter of time now.

Day 17 of the 127th Year of Factol Hashkar's reign:

I am not alone. Someone has entered the Mausoleum and is interfering with my servants. Could this be the one I seek? The divination revealed only that I would find the immortal here. Could it be that MY presence in this place has prompted that which I seek to seek ME out? What a delightful twist, I shall have to

The ink of this last entry is still wet.