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Scroll of Chromatic Orb
Category: Miscellaneous (Scroll) Value: 100
Lore Req to ID: 0 Weight: 0

Requires: Mage Class

  • Teaches User "Chromatic Orb"
  • Allows User to Cast "Chromatic Orb"

Long are the debates about the spectrum of color in the multiverse. "This Blue is better than Yellow!" "Pike it, berk! Of course White is the true color!" And while in the end, many generally agree that a color's greatness is in the eye of the beholder, this spell establishes the fact that some colors are deadlier than others.

This summons a large, magical Orb of Color, which can then be hurled at a target using the caster's normal Attack roll +3. The color of the Orb changes depending on the caster's level.

Level: 1 White
Damage: 1-4 pts.
Special Power: 10 sec: -4 Attack, -4 S.T., +4 AC

Level: 2 Red
Damage: 1-6 pts.
Special Power: 10 sec: -1 Strength, -1 Dexterity

Level: 3 Orange
Damage: 1-8 pts.
Special Power: Additional 1-4 pts. of fire damage

Level: 4 Yellow
Damage: 1-10 pts.
Special Power: 10 sec: -4 Attack, -4 S.T., +4 AC

Level: 5 Green
Damage: 1-12 pts.
Special Power: Stun for 10-25 sec.

Level: 6 Turquoise
Damage: 2-8 pts.
Special Power: Unconscious for 10-25 sec.

Level: 7 Blue
Damage: 2-16 pts.
Special Power: Paralyzed for 30-100 sec.

Level: 10 Violet
Damage: Paralysis
Special Power: Petrification

Level: 12 Black
Damage: 4-40 pts.
Special Power: Paralysis for 10-40 sec.