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Kaleidoscopic Eye
Category: Accessory (Eyeball) Value: 3000
Lore Req to ID: 50 Weight: 0

Alignment: Good Only

  • Invokes "Chromatic Orb"

  • All Saving Throws: +1
  • Save vs. Spells: +1
  • Resistance to Magic: +5%

How Obtained:
  • Clerk's Ward (Advocate's House) - Given when you redeem legacy 51-AA

This shimmering jewel is actually the corpse of a radiance spirit from the Upper Plane of Elysium. When these creatures pass away, they leave their shimmering husks behind. These husks are often mistaken for jewels or semi-precious stones. Their essence is still that of harmony and goodness, and they can only be employed by a creature whose heart is filled with good intentions.

The kaleidoscopic eye can either be wielded in the hand or placed in an empty eye socket, depending on whether its owner wishes to use it for defense or offense. When held, the user may summon its power to harness ambient light, twist it, then turn it against his enemies.

When placed in the owner's eye socket, the eye grafts itself to the wearer's skull and helps shield its new owner. It absorbs a portion of the energies from incoming attacks and provides proof against all manner of magical attacks.

When the Kaleidoscopic Eye's offensive power is exhausted, it cracks and turns to dust.