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Intestinal Phylactery
Category: Accessory (Bracelet) Value: 2000
Lore Req to ID: 75 Weight: 2

Requires: Living Creature

  • Invokes "Heal"
  • 3 Charges

  • Armor Class: +2
  • Base Hit Points: +9

How Obtained:
  • Ravel's Maze - Obtained from Ravel Puzzlewell when you ask her about being Marta

This ropy mass of bloody intestines is yours; Ravel pulled them quickly and painlessly out of your body when she reverted to "Marta" during your conversation in the Black-Barbed Maze. The fluids surrounding these intestines have congealed into a slick resin, and holding them is like holding a dry, rubbery cord. You have to admit it makes you uncomfortable to see them outside of your body.

Ravel... Marta... WHOEVER that insane hag was... mentioned that these intestines would serve as a powerful charm; it looks like when they are wrapped around one's wrist like a phylactery, they give the wearer a portion of your immortal endurance, increasing the person's pain threshold and armor class. Furthermore, you may call upon this phylactery's power to fully heal a target three times -- even when this ability is exhausted, the intestines will still remain.

You have to confess, however, no matter what blessing these intestines bestow, they look pretty damn gross when worn as a bracelet.