Hellgate: London Quest Details
Primary Quest: The Hellgate
Given by Emmera in St. Paul's Station (Act VI)

  • Primary Quest (Completed): Hope

  • Standby for Emmera's Word
  • To the hellgate
  • Enter the hellgate
  • Vanquish the five Lies
  • Defeat Sydonai

  • None

Notable Boss Drops (Sydonai)

  • You can also accept this quest from Emmera in Templar Base or Ploughyard.


You'll begin this quest in St. Paul's Hellgate, a fairly regular London streets zone, and you'll have to fight your way to the hellgate located in St. Paul's Cathedral. You should recognize the hellgate because it'll be big and orange, and because it'll keep producing imps and other enemies. Unless you find yourself in need of some extra experience, you should head right into the gate, which will take you to Hell.

You'll find Hell to be rather bleak and boring. The zone will always be roughly square shaped, but it'll be filled with hills and rocks and other outcroppings, and so you'll have some cover. Emmera will enter Hell with you, but she'll just follow you around. She won't help you out.

The first thing you'll have to do in Hell is defeat the five Lies: Bedlam, Despair, Discord, Flaw, and Rush. They're all tough boss demons, of varying shapes and sizes, and so they'll be tough to kill. Your best bet is to explore the zone slowly and carefully, and to stick to the edges of the map, so you only encounter the Lies one at a time. If you have to do a lot of moving around while fighting the lies, try to stick to places that you've already explored, so you don't stumble into any new enemies or Lies.

Once you've dispatched the Lies, Sydonai will appear and do battle with Emmera. Sydonai will win, of course, and then he'll come after you. Sydonai does a lot of damage and has a lot of hit points, so this battle can get kind of ugly, depending on how well you've developed your character and how much luck you've had in finding equipment. If Sydonai kills you very quickly, you might try drawing him back towards the entrance to Hell, so you don't have to run as far to get your corpse.

Eventually you should be able to wear Sydonai down, and when he dies you'll meet back up with Murmur -- or at least a Hell version of Murmur. "Can't imagine The First will be happy about this...." Then an "exit game" portal will appear over Sydonai's corpse, and you'll be done with the campaign.

Note: Going through the portal will take you to the credits screen. If you still have quests you'd like to complete in the current difficulty setting, you can stick around in it for as long as you'd like, or return to it later. Exiting the game through the portal won't change anything.